Friday, March 23, 2018

Mystery unraveled.

The bottom line is that the Chinese are buying off our politicians. Enriching them and their families in exchange for military and economic concessions for China.[1]
The bought politicians are at the highest level.

I never fail to ask why it was that of all the nations in the world we could have transferred tens of thousands of our factories to we chose a totalitarian communist state with a native language that is one of the hardest to learn on the planet? India has a literate, English-speaking population. Nor had it had occasion to cause the death of some 80,000,000 of its citizens in part in some insane economic fantasy and in the course of a vicious, pointless, insane, internal political spasm.

Why not India, a functioning democracy? Exactly?

But noooo our factories ended up in @#$% China who we knew were manipulating the value of their currency to further stick it to the stupid Americans.

The U.S. government sat there like a limp rag doll and did nothing to repair our disastrous tax, trade, and immigration policies as the trade imbalance sluiced money into the hands of a strategic competitor, if not an enemy. What our sellout elites did was to turn China into a world military power and an ambitious international resource-grabbing behemoth.

Now we know why the China initiative took place in the first place and why our elitist did nothing to protect American interests. They were bought. They sold us out.

As I also like to say, hat tip Sherlock Holmes, is that once you eliminate the impossible, what you have left is the truth, no matter how improbable. Thus, once you eliminate the impossibility that U.S. elites give a tinker’s dam about the national interests of the United States and its people, then your are left with the understanding that they are nothing less than traitors, that they hate the country and its people, and will do anything for money even if it means enriching an enemy.

[1] "Mitch McConnell Has Strong Ties To The Communist Chinese And His Corruption Runs Very Deep." By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, New Zeal, 3/22/18.


Pascal said...

Why China? Because slave labor is cheap and not calling them slaves prevents what would be guilty consciences. The narrative is more acceptable that way. The same ignoring unpleasant realities have permitted many in the West to have become unwitting (or claiming unwitting) cannibals.

Statism -- the complete control of all human actions -- becomes more apparent by what the individual grows to accept as normal.

Pointing&Laughing said...

Link is broken

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mike, thanks. I checked and the link just worked for me. I sense the hand of Merkel!

Pascal, the industries that like low wages don't appear to care how low they are though I hesitate to say there's a deliberate seeking out of (near) slave labor opportunities. I saw documentary of a Chinese factory that was making absolute trash Mardi Gras-type plastic beads. Ropes and ropes of them. The workers at the factory had a grim, pointless, tedious working life and could only go into town on Sundays, iirc. No armed guards and it did offer something better than an even grimmer rural life imo. One unambitious young woman somehow got a chance to go study something but she couldn't handle it and came back. So horrible jobs don't just flow from U.S. investors. If they were to say we only deal with realities as we find them, they're not far off.

Still, we can be sure that Apple, which does well, will not be sharing any of the profits it makes with its Chinese workforce.