Friday, March 16, 2018

Can we all just get a grip?

Russia has been the favorite demon of the intel and media groups for a while, and everyone here knows about all these sanctions and wild accusations. This guy has been in Britain for something like 8 years, living under his own name, and appearing in public like a regular person. The Russians could have killed him at a time of their choosing. But, we are to believe that now, 8 years later, years after he has caused all the damage he is capable of causing, Putin decided he needs to die now, and sent someone to kill him. Russia would gain next to nothing in this scenario, and risk a lot, at least diplomatically. But, Western powers seeking an excuse, any excuse, for a new war have a lot to gain by killing or attempting to kill the guy and blaming Russia for it. And its not like they have to worry about the media, they'll repeat the RUSSIA DID IT line as they have for the past couple years.[1]
Yes, die NOW. The PERFECT time to risk being seen as engaging in underhanded activity that synchs exactly with Nikki Nooki's and Sarah Huckabee Carter's best efforts to paint Russians as wearing loin clothes and putting bones through their noses.

Western governments have all settled on vague allegations of chemical weapons usage as the one-size-fits-all accusation to demonize whoever it is that needs demonizing. What’s next? I mean, where do you go to make Russians out as genetic mistakes after you’ve played the nerve gas, barrel bomb, political assassination, cyber hack, airliner shoot down, deliberate bombing of civilians, and provocative ship and aircraft activity in international waters and skies cards?

[1] "Comment by greenskeeper carl on “Drums Along The Potomac.” By James Kunstler, ZeroHedge, 3/16/18 (emphasis added).

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