Saturday, March 10, 2018

Incomplete Information

I've got a few questions that I'd like answered about the CA Veteran's Facility shooting:

  • I'm guessing, from the last name of the gunman - Wong - that he is Asian in descent. Is he a native American, or immigrant? Not stated in reports.
  • He is identified as a veteran who served a year in Afghanistan. I'm wondering whether he served in a combat position, or even near an active combat zone. No word on his MOS.
  • He was said to have been expelled from one of the facility's programs. They claim that the reasons are "unclear" - that immediately raises a red flag with me. That fuzzy language is often tied to deliberate decisions to suppress evidence.
  • They'd been not able to make contact with the perp for many hours, and yet 6:30 pm is the earliest that they could go in? "We've tried [calling the suspect] numerous times and been trying since 10:30 this morning," Robertson said." Were the women still alive while they were waiting to go in? Could more prompt action have saved them?
  • I'd give a lot to see the autopsy results on the perp and his victims. Did he kill them, or did too many bullets flying into the facility cause some unwanted injuries/death? 
    • "At the earlier briefing, officials said there had been an exchange of gunfire between the suspect, who was armed with a rifle, and a sheriff's deputy, with Robertson saying there were "many bullets fired." MANY? At a person holding hostages?
I'll be updating this as more information becomes available. Below, a picture that is said to be of the perp.

Another, of him in uniform

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Ragin' Dave said...

He was infantry, and served in Afghanistan. He suffered from PTSD. He was apparently expelled from a PTSD program at this facility, and one of the dead is the woman who expelled him.

I am willing to bet that there are a whole host of extenuating circumstances that proceeded this murderous rampage, but I wouldn't even begin to guess what they are.