Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cavuto humor.

I thoroughly enjoy Neil Cavuto’s dry humor on Fox Business News. A Fox reporter one time sought to explain virtual reality headsets to Cavuto telling him that for someone of his age he could understand it best by thinking of it as something like Viewmaster (a 1950s mechanical picture viewer much loved by kids that showed images in 3D). That segment ended and Cavuto muttered, “Can that woman be escorted from the building?”

Charlie Gasparino reporting from some remote location also jerked Cavuto’s chain about something and when that segment ended Cavuto remarked that that was Charlie Gasparino making his last appearance on Fox News.

Today he was talking to some financial guy about the budget deal and told him, “I think [Trump’s] shrewd politically to weigh the political risk and say in the scheme of things Americans [care about?] none of these issues of the day. I think they’re important for your generation. Very important. I’ll get my Social Security. You won’t get yours. I’m fine with that.”

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