Sunday, March 18, 2018

Evolutionary Muellerism.

Ms. Baldwin has a very good take on the chameleon-like nature of the Mueller “investigation”:
The most notable thing about the Mueller investigation to anyone who takes a sober look at it is its constantly evolving purpose. First, the purpose of the investigation was to find any evidence to support the allegation that Russia had hacked into the DNC’s emails. When no substantial evidence could be found to support that allegation, the purpose evolved into collusion between Trump and Russia to steal the election on behalf of Trump.

When no substantial evidence could be found to support that allegation, the purpose evolved yet again into Russia influencing the election on behalf of Trump, possibly without his knowledge or participation. When no substantial evidence could be found to support that allegation and all that could be found was a paltry number of social media ad buys – many of which were purchased after the election or advocated conflicting positions or didn’t even have anything to do with the election, the purpose became “sowing discord.”[1]

Mueller’s role in anything to do with the run up to the election and post-election events is itself an absurdity given his conflict of interest in being friends with former FBI Director Comey.

Hillary’s and the FBI’s clear involvement in financing the so-called “Steele Dossier” puts Comey in the crosshairs of any honest inquiry into any supposed Russian attempt to influence the election. Whether they sought to aid or hinder Trump is irrelevant. The issue is not whom they purported to help but whether they did anything at all.

On the dossier issue, why is it obvious that Comey would categorically have been uninvolved? Mueller has a conflict of interest because he would naturally be loathe to pursue a friend vigorously and objectively. And it would be laughable for him to contend that his brief is a limited one and therefore would not entail examination of other issues of possible criminality surrounding the dossier and its use in obtaining the now FISA warrants, since he has shown enthusiasm for straying off the reservation of his original charge and roaming far afield at that.

[1] "Acceptable Bigotry and Scapegoating of Russia." By Natylie Baldwin,, 3/15/18 (emphasis added).

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Andy Texan said...

The GOP bastards are all in bed with Mule-er otherwise he could be terminated with prejudice by the President. This is what should be done: Sessions must unrecuse and take back the authority from Rosenstern (who should be demoted). Then Sessions can withdraw the unlimited authority previously granted and put Mule-er back in the 'Russia Collusion' box. After which, Mule-er can investigate to his black heart's content.