Friday, March 16, 2018

Odd Thoughts Dept: What’s On The Cereal?

     This might be a symptom of encroaching Alzheimer’s, but lately I find myself increasingly attracted to questions no one is asking (e.g., “Where are the snows of yesteryear?” “Who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop?” and “Who put eight great tomatoes in that little bitty can?”). Just a moment ago I stumbled over one that won’t...let...go:

     What odd-but-edible things have people put on their breakfast cereal?

     I mean, we’ve all seen raisins, blueberries, strawberry halves, and banana slices added to cereal, right? No one would blink at seeing any of those in a bowl of Cheerios®. But I once saw a college classmate grate Parmesan cheese onto his corn flakes. It threw me for quite a loop...but there it was. And yes, he ate it.

     I’d be willing to bet that up to now, no one has ever put:

  • Brussels sprouts;
  • Anchovies;
  • Miniature Snickers® bars;

     ...into a bowl of cereal. But only up to now. Once the possibility has been broached, you just know that someone, somewhere will try it out.

     Would anyone care to submit a tale of deviance at the breakfast table? Preferably true – and edible?


scttmtclf said...

I present to you my wild tale......of never putting anything on my cereal, ever. Not sugar, not fruit, not granola; nothing. I have simple tastes, but "De gustibus non est disputandum," right?

Ken said...

Tennessee Sipping Cream on Cheerios. Hmmm good.

Stacey said...

Well, it's not breakfast but it is disgusting. I had a friend in grade school who brought a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich to school every single day for lunch.

syd B. said...

A half and half mix of Cheerios and rice pudding, served with warm milk. For a real treat, throw in a handful of raisins. I've tried it with other cereals, but the Cheerios work perfectly.

JWM said...

I've been waking up to my wife's breakfast concoction for many happy years: steel cut oats, cottage cheese, almonds, fruit. Mix it all up, and nuke it a bit for warmth. Add a quart of SAE50 weight coffee, and we're rolling!


Ray said...

Tabasco on oatmeal.

BTW Pnut butter and mayonaisse is great.

jabrwok said...

My mom used to cook peas into my pancakes as it's the only way I'd eat them (the peas, not the pancakes...I was always good with pancakes).

neal said...

Orange juice on Captain Crunch. Grabbed the wrong quart, but was taught that wasting food is a sin.
I was just a wee lad, and just knew the starving kids in India would have sent bad thoughts.

Pointing&Laughing said...

Stacy, your friend was doing it wrong: It should be peanut butter, mayo, and banana on white bread.

I put Cabela's Maple and Jalapeño seasoning on my asparagus omelets. Mmmm, good.

Robohobo said...

Hershey's chocolate sauce on cold spaghetti.

I was six.

Joseph said...

Salami and jelly sandwiches.