Friday, March 9, 2018

The lying, leftist “conversation” on gun control.

“Control,” of course, means “confiscation.” Bottom line. Not a leftist troll or liberal moonbat sincerely advocates only “common-sense” regulation. In their dishonest hearts their minds are impervious to the excellent logic of Mr. Lynn in the article from which the following quotes are taken. Only confiscation will suffice.

In 2016, Wikipedia shows that 37,461 people in the U.S. were killed in automobile accidents. Wikipedia also shows that 225 people (not counting the killers) were killed in the “deadliest” mass shootings from and including 2012 to and including today. This is 225 deaths over roughly a six-year period, or an average 37.5 deaths per year. The auto accident death toll in 2016 alone was 999 times higher in that one year than that average. For the five years from 2012-2016 there were 172,365 auto accident fatalities. In the same period there were 82 mass shootings. Thus, 2,102 more accidents than shootings.

The accidents we tolerate. Accidents happen.

Yes, the automobile figures represent death from negligence as opposed to evil intent. But the auto deaths occur even though massive, and I do mean massive, engineering and technical resources have been devoted to reducing auto deaths in every way imaginable.

That cannot be said of deaths from mass shootings. One and only one solution is pursued by the left – the solution that, mirabile dictu, just happens always and forever to infringe on the citizen’s natural law right to keep and bear arms, the final defense of the citizen to government tyranny. Or, stated another way, the citizen’s last ditch defense against exactly the kind of destruction and tyranny that leftists dream of for the United States and everywhere else in the Western world.

Tyranny. It’s what’s for dinner. The left doesn’t much care about specific policy options just so long as they're compulsory, as some wit observed. And they ensure the establishment and consolidation of absolute power in the hands of an unelected elite.

Lynn’s article is well worth your time and it relentlessly exposes the dishonesty of the “debate” about guns in this country.

Ludicrous spokesmen:
Why must law-abiding citizens yield to the emotionalism of traumatized children, politicized law enforcement officers, and liberal snowflakes?[1]
Magical thinking:
How can some people assign culpability to a mere tool you ask? It’s a fair question. Those who hate guns believe evil should be confronted through the elimination of its occasional means; a device, or gadget. This is not overly unlike someone dieting to lose weight by removing the silverware from their kitchen.[2]

Dishonest framing of the issues:

Some women, certain children, corrupt Broward county sheriffs, and most liberal snowflakes today willfully employ convenient tunnel-vision in order to unjustifiably convict firearms for murder. In so doing, they maliciously downplay any other contributing factors behind every mass shooting. These would include mental illness, the side-effects of psychotropic drugs, law enforcement failures, bullying, and family neglect.

But more than that, what about the supplemental influences from violent Hollywood movies and video games? Think about that. Why do companies pay millions of dollars to entertainers and athletes to endorse their products? Because advertising works. But now we are expected to believe that violence in movies and video games cause no adverse effects on children?

Why are all of these considerations summarily dismissed by the Political Left in the national conversation on guns? Why is the blame always solely placed onto the gadget by those favoring gun control? Why do they push for more laws when the FBI and local law enforcement agencies appear completely helpless to prevent the mass shootings from occurring in the first place?[3]

Government incompetence and stupidity:

In the days following the Parkland Florida shooting, Jim Quinn, the administrator of, commented on a correlating thread there:
This week’s gun control argument in a nutshell: because government failed at every level, you need to have your rights curtailed…by the government that just failed at every level.[4]
[1] "Moron Gun Control: Women and Children First." By Doug Lynn, The Burning Platform, 3/1/18.
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Joseph said...

The Left also hates cars. This is what they're planning next:

All this bullbleep fits together.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Interesting link that. I figure driverless cars are a fantastic way to infantilize adults. That guy's hypermoralizing about cars is a classic case of tilting at windmills. Sure. Hold me back so we can completely revamp our culture. Another case of demonizing the thing. Whites wanted suburban life to avoid the problems of urban life (wink, wink). They didn't create suburbs because they had cars.

The spread out way of life has its good points but there's no doubt it comes at a high cost to "community." I once lived where I could walk or bike everywhere and I think it was a richer experience and certainly cheaper.