Monday, March 5, 2018

I'm AGAINST Bringing in the White South Africans

I do understand that they're getting screwed over by the South African government, which is planning to confiscate all White-owned farmland in that country, without compensating the owners.

It's likely to be a horrible situation for them and their families. Other Whites in the country, you really need to be making plans to get out. You're a fool if you think they'll let you keep your businesses or jobs. Sooner or later, you'll either be gone from that country, or on the streets, begging - IF you live.

But - it's not our problem, it's Great Britain's and Holland's. Those are the countries that need to be planning on dealing with the White people displaced by government action. Those are the countries from which the White South Africans came. And, those are the places that need to take them back.

Not us.

We already take on too many of the world's refugees from OTHER countries' failed governance/colonialism. At some point, the chuckleheads in our government need to realize that they are NOT the Boss of All of Us, and they cannot tax the rest of us to salve their conscience for having made mucho money off other countries' exploitation.

Force the countries/people that caused the problem to deal with the results of their actions.


jb said...

Linda -

Like GB and the Dutch will do as you say? Hardly.

These people are producers - ideal immigrants!

Next to the human garbage we a currently absorbing, there is no contest. This will become a humanitarian crisis, without doubt, blending the sheer and, yes, stupid arrogance of the blacks with the communist philosophy ruling the ANC.

I guess I just don't get your objection to them coming here.

Col. B. Bunny said...

In a less corrupt world, refugee policy would actually involve asylum being granted by the closest nation. Nor would mass third-world immigration be enthusiastically welcomed to Western countries simply because third worlders feel like living in the West and (spit) Soros happens to have the ready cash to finance travel, clothes, phones, and debit cards for the invaders.

However, the West has given asylum or otherwise allowed entry to the dregs of the third world to the tune of millions of seekers.

In this context, it seems harsh to suddenly be exacting about who's responsible for whom and slam the door on white people who are capable and civilized. "Every other savage and parasite so far, chaps, but we draw the line with you."

Moreover, the Netherlands and Britain would rather stab themselves in the eye with an ice pick than allow (spit) Afrikaners to come to their lands.

In short, what you advocate practically would mean that the S. African whites have no where to go at all and must endure what the blacks clearly have in mind for them, unless some small smidgen of reality can cause them to reign in their stupidity.

Optimus Maximus said...

I agree with Col. Bunny,

Excellent post, Colonel!

One other thought, might this not be similar to those in communist countries we allowed to emigrate to the US?

Hard to think of more likely ardent advocates towards law and order, and true equality of opportunity, as opposed to the current crop of blind "diversity" supporters.

Linda Fox said...

It's true that many of them are well-educated, hard-working, and - in many ways - ideal immigrants.

It's just that - as a principle - I want to avoid taking on OTHER countries' problems. If we hold the line with the South Africans, it will be easier to justify not taking on other refugees who have no historical connections to us.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, OM. Those with experience of communist governments did indeed bring a well-grounded view of politics with them. Not all of them but I'd say most. Alas, I'm not sure it lasts more than a generation or two in families and it sure doesn't spread outside of them or deflate the media lie balloon.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Linda, I hear you. The mere idea of needing foreigners of ANY kind to "help" us handle things in America drives me around the bend. But near as I can tell we're permanently wedded (or should I say welded) to the idea of what a great gift immigration is. More to the point, not all immigrants are welcome. Only blacks and/or Muslims. Whites need not apply. S. African whites won't ever see these shores as immigrants, as a practical matter. According to the arbiters of virtue in this land, they are contemptible wretches every one. Usual hysteria about "being judgmental" temporarily suspended with S. Africa white Untermenschen are involved.