Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Civil War - Part II

We are in a position of crisis today, caused by people choosing to repeat the conditions that existed at the time of the Civil War (Part I).

They have:

  • Brought into their states people from foreign lands, and kept them in a state of dependency.
  • Multiplied their number, through encouragement to have children, who would also be dependent on the Massa.
  • Cynically used their illegal presence in the USA, to gain more representation in the federal Congress than they would otherwise be entitled to.
  • Ignored these aliens preying upon the citizens - committing personal assaults, robbing, driving cars drunkenly - and blaming the victims for protesting.
  • Put barriers to enforcement of federal law within their state.
  • Flat-out refused to allow their "good ole' boys" to help out the Feds round up criminals.
  • Used mob action to enforce their racially-biased defiance of the law.
  • And, now, make it a CRIME for officials or even citizens to assist the Federal government in their legally-permitted execution of immigration law.
All that is needed is for the Rebels to take over Federal property, and fire on the Feds from it. At that point, either the Federal Government will have to declare that the States are in Rebellion, or - more likely - those states will openly declare their Secession.

This is, with one slight addition, at least traditional.

A VERY popular alliance, and one that will allow them to feel superior to the rest of us.

I still can't believe that the Democrats thought this acceptable - AND, that Black Democrats didn't protest it.

The more Radical elements in the Rebellion would like this.

What might follow? How about the federal government cutting off Medicaid, Welfare, Social Security and other benefits rolling into the Rebellious States of America (R.S.A)? How about removal of all Federal entities, military, and arms from that state. Such an action could bring the Rebels to the bargaining table.

Frankly, before that time, a prudent administration would - under the radar - remove all munitions, equipment, and transport from military bases. I assume that they will be that smart (although, with politicians, you never know). No sense giving them opportunities that the Colonials had at Lexington and Concord, not to mention the loss of arms to the Original Confederacy.

Like my ancestors, I will fight for the Union, if it comes to that. But, I'm hopeful that wiser heads at the state level will slap down the Rebels before it happens.

I believe that MOST of this is posturing on the part of the Progressives. Given the truly precarious position that they would be in, if a split should happen, it is an unlikely scenario.


Michael Downing said...

I say let them go in peace if that is what they wish. I have nothing in common with the progs be they in CA, DC or N Y City and they have nothing but distain for dirt people like me who have died for this country and built it with their blood, sweat and tears. Then hopefully other regional areas will also secede and form true republican forms of government that serve the people of those areas well. Read "Rethinking the American Union for the 21st Century" to get an idea of how and why it is necessary. If people do not want to live in a state of progressive bliss they can move, vote with their feet.

My great grandfather served in the 6th Regiment of the NH Volunteers in the War between the States. He was wounded twice. First at the Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas here in the South) with a head wound. Second with a musket ball to the lower hip in the battle of Fredericksburg. He survived that wound with a disability and contracted measles and scarlet fever while in a Union hospital camp.

I honor my great grandfather's service but not the cause he served. Lincoln's war of aggression and its true causes and effects are not taught in school. I would not fight for the union for the union be damned since it unifies nothing and hasn't since long before Lincoln's war. A new smaller alliance of free and independent regional states or localities would better serve their citizens. I will fight for my property, my county for my State of North Carolina but if California wished to go her own way then I say go in peace and prosper if you can but fail if you cannot.

daniel_day said...
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daniel_day said...
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jabrwok said...

I say let them go in peace if that is what they wish

I'm tempted that way myself, but then I remember LawDog's exposition on the history of gun control. Let California and the other blue states go, and their fellow travelers in the RumpUSA will just follow their example a generation hence. What then? Let *them* go as well?

Better to drive our enemies out altogether. One-way air-fare to the Socialist Paradise of their choice, coupled with permanent renunciation of their citizenship, might do it. If we could find enough suckers to take them. Maybe some African countries would like to increase their diversity?

Linda Fox said...

The biggest trouble with just splitting is that it leaves a wide part of our country open to invasion.

I do NOT doubt that China would be happy to flood in - oh, they won't CALL it invasion, they'll just be coming over for "Opportunity" and dragging money with them (which, the whores that run that place will be happy to pocket).

At some point, they'll take over - and, want to move East.

mobius said...

If Kali splits, think of the drain on the rest of the country.
All of those progressive minds...

daniel_day said...

I agree with Michael Downing. It is time to negotiate a split like the Czechs and Slovaks did. I want to be in a nation where progs are a small and nearly ignored minority, and I'm sure most of the progs feel the same way about my political kind.
The biggest weakness of this plan is, the progs' confidence that they will muster the votes, including illegal votes, to overwhelm conservatives. They would see no need to negotiate.
As for invasion by China, I think the process of negotiations and amicable divorce would sensitize the conservatively oriented to such things as "soft invasions". The ongoing process gracias a Mexico is an object lesson.

Michael Downing said...

Open to invasion? That seems to describe exactly where the progs have taken us over the past few decades slowly but surely and if we allow that path to continue then white, conservative Christians will first become a disrespected minority and then an extinct species. There is no negotiating with any enemy who wants you dead or subjugated. If a peaceful separation cannot be worked out then I am afraid it means war. All the hoping and wishing it weren't so will not change that reality.

The way I see it the choices are a peaceful mutual separation, a bloody civil war or eventually the climbing into the box cars for white conservative Christians and any who ally with them. As Russell D. Longcore always said over on DumpDC, It's secession or slavery, choose one. there is no third choice."

Francis W. Porretto said...

Perhaps it does mean war...but we're the ones with the guns.

Anyone on the Left who thinks his side can prevail against a hundred million well armed and highly motivated patriots should see his brain care specialist at once. For my part, I mean to take as large an honor guard to Hell with me as I can. I know a number of other people who intend the same -- and most of them are even better armed than am I.

Jacksonian Grouch said...

24 year retired Vet here (Navy, Coast Guard) -

disagree completely with letting them go.

Remember, fellow citizens - California was once the golden state. Most prosperous, vibrant economy, looking to the future. I remember reading decades ago that the California Economy - if it were an independent nation - would be the 8th largest in the world.

So I ask you - why would we want to just give that away, without a fight? I don't care how many stinking, democrat, marxist, Hate-America punks currently work there who are 100% dedicated to turning a once prosperous model to the world into the next Detroit... we should NOT simply just let them have the state. Never!

To those who say, let them have it - don't you see that the destruction of that once beautiful and prosperous state is WHAT THEY WANT??!! Giving it to them would mean that we voluntarily cede VALUABLE AMERICAN TERRITORY!

We can't do that. We must not do that.

The problem with California isn't California - it's the dirtbag leftists and all the other anti-American bahstihds who hate us, hate our Nation.

I say we fight them, destroy them - and take our land back from that vermin horde!

The JG

Michael Downing said...

Well JG then it is war not only in Cali but all across this nation and millions of people must be hunted down and either shot or sent off to Cuba, Venezuela or what ever socialist hell hole that will have them. And no they don't get to change their mind and decide that they will now support the Constitution because they would just continue to subvert it.

I am afraid a peaceful separation which the founders would have approved of as many of them saw the Confederation which was later subverted with the Constitution as a voluntary compact entered into freely by independent States. In fact originally it was the united States of America without the united being capitalized. That being true any state was free to voluntarily withdraw from the compact.

It was Jefferson who said, "Whether we remain in one confederacy, or form into Atlantic and Mississippi confederacies, I believe not very important to the happiness of either part."

So I still firmly believe that secession is as valid now as it was when the colonies seceded from England for what is the declaration of Independence but a declaration of secession. That being said I replied above there were three options peaceful secession, civil war or climbing on the box cars because to not choose option one or two will most assuredly mean the destruction of America and death to our culture. Death or absolute servitude for our children and grand children.

I prefer peaceful separation however many states or regions decide to do it is up to them. But I will die on my feet before I climb in a box car or accept a life for my children on their knees. As is often stated over on WRSA. We are screwed. there is going to be fight. So lets win.

Michael Downing said...

I just came across this post at The Red Pill Jew and though I prefer peaceful separation I am afraid that as once before the tyrant would try to crush any attempt at peaceful separation. If so then we must purge the communist, Marxist, socialist, progressive influences or die.

Better stock up on Tyrant Vaccine. Because you cannot coexist with cancer, or find common ground with gangrene. You fight and win, or you die.

Jacksonian Grouch said...

@Michael Downing -

I agree with everything you say, and would - if secession were possible, were the end of this struggle, and were capable of being accomplished w/o bloodshed - agree with secession.

I would agree with you, and millions others who are reasonable, who use logic, common sense, and whatever measure of wisdom we accrue over a lifetime.

but these people on the left Hate us.

They see us as "other"; as "untermenschen".

They do not stop. They will not stop.

So, No - there is no sensible avenue to take with them.

And, as another comment on this thread, if California does secede, the rest of the nation will see Useful Idiots: the Final Act as a foreign power such as China comes in and takes control.

Mind you, sir, I do not arrive at the above easily. I have much more road in my rearview mirror than I do in front of me. I spent many of those years trying to reason with the left; I stopped when I realized they're not wired like that. They're not reasonable, they have no fear of God as do you, I and certainly the vast majority of Americans on our side.

I live in a blue state, ironically live in a town named after one of Revolutionary America's greatest heroes - and truth be told, I think I'm pretty much nothing more than a speedbump to these tyrants. I sometimes ask myself if they're coming for folks like me... and sometimes the thought is not if, but when.

Yes, I know - perhaps a little too much of a Manichean world view - but I'm too old to duck, and too slow to run. I belong to Christ - everybody's gotta punch their ticket at some point, and i'm not going to spend a single second of what's left of my life bending the knee to any tyrant, foreign or otherwise.

So I'm with you, Frater - God Bless!

The JG
(1976-1984 USN; 1984-2000 USCG - The Oath has no expiration date, and still Stands)

Michael Downing said...

JG like you I have far too many years in the rearview but I hope to live long enough to make a difference in securing Liberty for my grand children. I agree that a peaceful separation is most likely a pipe dream but it is my first choice. The only other choice I can see is a bloody struggle unlike even that produced by the War of Northern Aggression. But if it must be then let it happen in my time so my children and grand children may have the hope of living free. I have no argument with you and would gladly stand with you my back against the wall, against a greater force. You are correct sir that even though I have come to respect the Constitution less than I once did, I cannot hold those words on paper accountable for the neglect of generations of Americans including my own. My oath still stands.

Any who believe this will be easy to correct because we have more guns are deluding themselves as many with those guns at least in the beginning will not fight. Then if those who first stand are beaten back many will acquiesce and give up their arms. Hopefully there are enough to turn the tide and root out this enemy of Liberty but I have grave doubts that in the end we will win but to do nothing is unacceptable. So it goes...

Before the fateful Battle of Franklin, General Cleburne held his last meeting with his brigade commanders on Breezy Hill. Brigadier General Daniel C. Govan felt that General Cleburne was “greatly depressed.” General Cleburne emphasized Hood’s orders that the Federal works must be carried by the point of the bayonet at all hazards. Govan saluted and said, “Well, General, few of us will ever return to Arkansas to tell the story of this battle.” Cleburne replied with a sentiment that was prevalent in most of the hearts of the men in the gallant Army of Tennessee: “Well, Govan, if we are to die, let us die like men.”


@Michael Downing

Thanks for the plug.

Ironically, I'm writing an essay - one among several slowly aging to completion (I was going to say perfection but that'd be just wrong) - entitled "The Blue Virus".

Just posted a new post today with a cartoon you may appreciate.

Jacksonian Grouch said...

@Michael Downing

I can't add anything to your last note that would improve it or make it clearer. Better that we face the fire than our children and grandchildren. Nothing else really matters when we look this Truth so starkly in the eyes.


the JG

Joseph said...

First, there is a difference between voluntary and involuntary immigration.

Next, if a new Civil War does occur, the swing factions are likely to be Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Right now, Silicon Valley tends to be on the Left and Wall Street on the Right but both of those could change. If they wind up on the same side (especially if Cody Wilson and Jeff Bezos are on the same side), the rest of us will be locked in here with them.