Saturday, March 24, 2018

C.F.R. Derangement Syndrome.

Not to be missed is this article by Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations: "Liberal World Order, R.I.P.."

Every lunatic idea dreamed up by liberal fruitcakes is laid out in this article. I would be embarrassed to write such drivel. It’s a tour de force of distilled liberal delusion and arrogance. Every thing you can think of that is wrong-headed or a vicious lie about the world order today is laid out in it plain as day.

I gotta give it to this guy. Yes, “'America First' and the liberal world order seem incompatible.” What was his first clue?

He ladles out the current garbage about the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons – a lie – and moans about the crumbling of the liberal order. The keystone provision of that “order” was the creation of the United Nations. It was to preserve the peace by forbidding war except under certain limited conditions, none of which conditions apply to the U.S. and its present war of aggression on the sovereign state of Syria.

The U.S. wages aggressive war -- a war crime. We are allied with and support the scum of the earth in the form of al-Qaida and ISIS. We are directly responsible for over 400,000 civilian deaths and creating millions of Syrian refugees all the while we speak of Syrian “rebels” as a band of decent citizens driven to oppose Assad the Butcher, a laughably false caricature of a decent and popular leader. But this maroon wants us to believe that the threat to peace is Russia’s use of “armed force to change borders in Europe.” Yes, he said that. How exactly did the borders of Serbia change if not by the application of American “armed force”?

And if you think Russia changed the borders in Europe by “armed force” -- which it didn’t -- get a load of what Syria will look like after the U.S. gets finished with carving it into Syria Dismembered, Israel Plus, Kurdistan, ISISville, E. Texas Oil Patchi, and Turkey Plus.

The rise of populism -- detested by Haass -- is anything but “a response to stagnating incomes and job loss.” It is solely is response that millions of Westerners have to understanding what it is exactly that utterly delusional people like this man have done to destroy our countries. They have guaranteed us a future in which our fundamental liberties will be undermined by courts and in which we will be attacked by Black Lives Matter and AntiFa street gangs and prosecuted if we object. We will now have to fight millions of Muslims and third-world enemies invited into our countries by them just to regain what they have stupidly given away. They have destroyed our hopes for peace and virtually guaranteed the destruction of Western civilization, but gibbering fools like this guy clutch their pearls and sing hymns to the “liberal world order.”

It would be criminal not to comment on Haass’s observation that “Parties of the political extremes have gained ground in Europe.” Surely he means the CDU/CSU parties in Germany that have imported over a million Muslims and Africans who have raped German women and turned public swimming pools and flower gardens into places of defecation. Or does he mean the ruling party or parties of Belgium that arrested the unresisting Flip Dewinter of the Vlaams Belang party with the highly effective testicle hold? Or surely he must mean the Conservative Party in Britain whose prison officials arranged for Tommy Robinson to be doused in boiling sugar water while in one of Her Majesty's prisons. Just what does this man want us to believe about the immigration-crazed established parties of Europe and Britain? That they are not extremist parties?

Liberals are slave to fantasy and an unrelieved hostility toward their own kind and their “liberal order” is rotten to the core. There’s hardly a sentence in this pathetic article that doesn’t illustrate perfectly the inability of the elites to deal with the eternal realities of a world in which civilization is closer to an accident than an achievement. There’s but a thin wall between decency and barbarism and these fools have done all in their power to weaken and destroy it.

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