Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Leaving Social Media?

This guy makes some sense about Social Media - and how little it may help any of us in our marketing endeavors.
Then there are the awful economics for actual producers of content. Social media companies are designed to profit off our free labor while they treat us like garbage. For example, I have 11,000 Twitter followers, but I don’t know who they are or have any independent way of contacting them. In effect, I have spent years building up a mailing list for Twitter, not myself. What kind of raw deal is that?
 One thing he mentions is that exiting the SocMed might be quite beneficial, as those opinions and content that don't fit into the Leftist Straightjacket can easily be banished, with no recourse. We might find ourself in a better position, as well as a less SocMed-dependent one, if we consciously make the effort to cultivate the independent media, both as sources, and as referrals.

Especially the mailing lists - could we add a button here to start that process?

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