Thursday, March 15, 2018


“Amazing” hardly begins to describe the delusion involved. Highly educated people indulge in willful blindness on all aspects of third-world immigration in Europe and America.

Muslims and Africans do not belong in first-world countries. Their presence in any number is absurd. That they might very much like to live in such countries is undeniable but so also is it undeniable that they have built nothing in their home countries. One can only look at their countries of origin and conclude that they are incapable of building functioning societies that are not highly stratified, klepocratic, and kept in line by primitive Islamic law.

Yet highly educated Westerners slobber over such people and endlessly proclaim to their populations that the immigrant contribution is like no other in all of Western history. In pushing mass immigration, they engage in either pathetic self-delusion or a vicious hatred of their own kind. My money is on “vicious hatred.”

Instead [of confronting third-world gang violence and no-go areas in formerly all-white countries], newspapers like the New York Times have tended in recent years towards the same denialism as Angela Merkel about the problems which mass immigration from the developing world is causing in Europe. They have tended to praise the "courage" of suspending normal border controls while covering over or ignoring the terrible consequences of importing millions of people whose identities are unknown. And of course, like Mayor Hidalgo in Paris, they have tended to shoot the messengers more than report the news, dismissing any such stories as "fake news", "alt-right" or "far right" propaganda. [1]
Major destruction and transformation take place because of immigration madness and the Western elites -- and pathetic man-children -- adamantly refuse to see it.

[1]  "The High Price of Denial." By Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute, 3/15/18.

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IMHO it's a large part because they've lost their survival instinct.