Friday, October 28, 2016

A defining characteristic of the Alt Right.

There’s a great deal of debate about what does and does not constitute the Alt Right and who properly belongs in or out of the movement. I’d add one essential characteristic that makes the Alt Right distinct from paleoconservativism, White nationalism, or National Socialism – a dominant sense of cynicism. No one who is on the Alt Right can honestly say he or she is fighting to save a System and a power structure which is basically healthy. The Alt Right is a culture of critique against the hegemonic liberal and anti-White Narrative and the institutions which perpetuate it.[1]
If you doubt that you live in a culture that is hostile to all that is decent, sensible, or fine browse the ineffable blog Goodbye America. Everything you see there is celebrated by the reigning culture.

Search long enough and you'll find the picture of the two male homosexuals riding a horse dressed as a unicorn into a synagogue to the delight of those in attendance at their wedding.

God help us.

[1] "Weaponized Morality." By Gregory Hood, Radix, 10/12/16.

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