Saturday, October 1, 2016


     FWP: (puffing from carrying a heavy box) Sweetie, there’s a box for you.
     CSO: Give me a sec. I’m busy with the Rimadyl rebate.

     FWP: Good title for a Robert Ludlum novel.
     CSO: “The Rimadyl Rebate?”
     FWP: Sure. Here’s a tag line: “He knew there was money coming...but who would be the one to pay?”

     CSO: I think it would be better as a Bruno adventure.
     FWP: That would work, but we’d have to get him a taxpayer ID and a bank account. Might be a problem, him being dead and all.

     CSO: But no problem because he’s a dog?
     FWP: Naah. You should see some of the losers who go to my bank.

     CSO: Hey, it’s my bank too.
     FWP: Like I said.
     CSO: (Unprintable)

1 comment:

Grog said...

Heh, might want to check your lemonade for antifreeze for the next week or so, chuckling. :)