Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tax deductions.

While we ponder the legality and morality of Mr. Trump's net operating loss deduction on his taxes some years back, let's not forget the Clintons' itemized deductions for their used underwear donated to charity.

It's not Skivvygate, but I think Mrs. Clinton has established for all time the validity of taking all possible income tax deductions that the law will allow, thereby removing from future presidential election contests the proposition that one has a moral obligation to pay the highest amount of taxes possible.


Anonymous said...

I also have yet to hear what exactly it was that SENATOR Clinton did to reign in loopholes of this type.
So.. the establishment made and played by the rules and get mad when one they don't like plays by them and wins too. Heck.. if elected maybe she'll just drone Trump too.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Watching Hillary erform in the debate Sunday night was chilling. The sanctimony and world-class manipulation and distortion made me wonder who these "Never Trump" sellouts and cretins think is gong to descend from the heavens between now and election day and save the day.