Friday, October 21, 2016

Election 2016 in a nutshell.

This is the best, most concise statement of the issues in the 2016 presidential contest:
So there we have it people. The debates are over and the choice has never been more clear...

If you feel that America is doing just fine, both domestically and internationally and all that is needed is more of the same; vote for her.

But if you think the previous eight years have accelerated America's decline, both at home and abroad and that a new direction is needed; vote for him.

If you feel that the biggest national dept in history is nothing much to worry about and that America can continue to borrow it's way into further debt indefinitely; vote for her.

But if you think that America needs to tackle its unprecedented debt by insisting its economic rivals cease protecting their own markets by cynically manipulating the value of their own currencies and start playing on a level playing field; vote for him.

If you feel that entering into endless proxy conflicts abroad is a great use of your most cherished national asset - the brave Men and Women who serve in your military; vote for her.

But if you think that American service Men and Women should only ever be used to protect America's direct interests and that other nations who rely on America's protection should contribute to the cost of that protection; vote for him.

If you feel that mass illegal immigration from the third world and all the adverse social deprivations associated with it, is good for America; vote for her.

But if you think that America should cease its policy of mass immigration from the third world until it can provide sufficiently for the people who are already in the country. And that America should finally start enforcing its existing laws on illegal immigration; vote for him.

If you feel that vilifying your law enforcement officers and whipping up racial tensions, in already gang infested and drug riddled inner cities, has made them better places to live; vote for her.

But if you think the people who live in America's cities deserve to be protected by strong and respected law enforcement agencies. And that the gang-crime that blights many of those cities needs to be tackled and tackled hard; vote for him.

If you feel that allowing your industries to sack their American workers and move to third world countries to take advantage of slave labour and then sell their goods back to you, without penalty, is an acceptable economic policy; vote for her.

But if you think that encouraging industries to remain within America and penalising those that try the slave foreign labour route will be good for America and American workers; vote for him.

If you feel that continuing to operate international trade agreements which allow your economic rivals to restrict your exports to them while they are allowed to flood your markets with there goods is wise or even economically sustainable; vote for her.

But if you think that the international trade agreements America is currently operating were poorly advised and have, in large part, contributed to America's economic decline and must be revisited, revised and redrafted so as to benefit America's economy rather than building up the economies of its rivals; vote for him.

If you feel that it is wise to ignore the fact that America's core values are under violent attack from people who obtained their vicious hatred of those values from the teachings of Islam. And that it is some how morally wrong to even mention the phrase "Islamic Terrorism" for fear of offending somebody's misplaced sensibilities; vote for her.

But if you think that America should acknowledge that many of the teachings of Islam are incompatible with the freedoms it holds dear, including equal rights for gays and women, and that people suspected of favouring such teachings should not be allowed into the country unchecked; vote for him.

If you feel that America's declining influence on the world stage and the continued disrespect and contempt America is now held in by many of its international rivals is something to be proud of; vote for her.

But if you think that America should prioritise forging alliances with nations who show it mutual respect and share its core values, and that are fighting against the same scourge of Islamic Terrorism America is fighting. While disengaging from nations that are openly disrespectful and that have values that are morally abhorrent to those your forefathers made so much effort to establish; vote for him.

If you feel that it is fine to be ruled by career politicians who have had to beg, steel and borrow hundreds of millions of dollars from self-interested groups to fund their political careers. Groups that naturally expect a return on their investments; vote for her.

But if you think that America has been poorly served by its political class - of both hews - for the past several decades and that the political system its self, has become so reliant on obtaining donations from self-interested groups, that now no person of integrity could ever make it into office. And if you believe that electing bought and payed for puppet politicians has cost America dearly and that only a self funded candidate can break the cycle of corruption; vote for him.

If you feel that a career politician who has become rich from so called 'public service' is likely to keep their promises 'this time' despite the countless empty and broken promises of their past. And that it's acceptable for a politician to justify their many mistakes, lies and let-downs buy merely laughing them off as "miss-steps" "brain freezes" or "miss-speaks"; vote for her.

But if you think that it is time to wrestle the reigns of power away from the people who have lead America into the mess in which it now finds itself and to give a chance to a non-politician, a proven employment creator with a solid record of business success, and who has brought up a beautiful family who love and respect them, a winner in every sense of the word and someone who obviously loves their country; vote for him.

Comment by Brexiteer on "Rigging Elections." By Steve Sailer, Taki's Magazine, 10/19/16.


Manu said...

I never liked Trump. Hard to explain, but he's always rubbed me the wrong way. And so I understand the reluctance some have when it comes to voting for him.

But this isn't about personal likes or dislikes anymore. It's almost a zeitgeist thing, now. Hillary is the end. If she's elected, gets the judiciary on her side, and gets Congress, it's over. There's no more American Republic. Some argue that the Republic is already dead, but even so, Hillary is the coffin nail.

The imperative to vote Trump has never been stronger. It must be done, no matter how much he personally irritates and grates. I'm not sure some folks understand how important this is. There has never been an election this critical in my lifetime. If Hillary wins, then we are locked out from the government forever. There will never be another right-of-center President, Congress, or Supreme Court ever again. Never. The Left will be free to move the country in a manner like Venezuela, or a thousand other socialist third world toilets... America would be over.

So I tell people... hold your nose and vote Trump. Anything else is a vote to destroy the Republic permanently.

Malatrope said...

I agree with Dystopic (except that I sorta like the guy). In our ever-eerie co-evolution with Rome, this is the moment the office of our Caesar is created, and the Senate abolished. If we don't elect Trump, in January we will have a de facto Emperor in place, and we will be starting out with Caligula (everything moves faster in the age of the Internet).

Col. B. Bunny said...

I see it the same way but don't share you visceral dislike or reluctance where Trump personally is concerned. One thing that I have found interesting in this election is the degree to which the theme of "Trump the Vulgarian" has been pressed with such vigor. I don't mean to put words in either of your mouths. It's just odd that he's been treated as the only American politician ever to have had any character flaws or lapses in judgment. JFK used to pick up whores on 13th Street in Washington in his limousine and one of his brothers walked away from Mary Jo. JFK and Bobby both apparently shared Marilyn who, it appears, was a very vulnerable woman indeed. LBJ once confer with an aide while sitting on the throne with the door open. Woodrow had some side action, too, it seems and that prissy son of a bitch was an educated, enlightened dictator with world class contempt for the Constitution.

Somehow, though, we're supposed to focus on Trump's bad language and alleged egomania, as though Christie, Jindal, Rubio, and Jeb were uninterested public servants only wanting to humbly serve the people.

David Power said...

I wrote the featured comment ubove under my disqus username of BREXITEER after seeing Trumps rather under par performance in the first debate. I guess I was frustrated that his opponent aka...Hillary and the moderators... had managed to prevent him from addressing the issues.

Glad you liked it.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I did indeed, Mr. Power. It's all the more extraordinary if you are a Brit and came up with that from across the sea. I couldn't come close to that were I to weigh in on the details of British politics.