Friday, October 14, 2016


We are engaged in something in Syria that is rotten and dishonorable.
Those calling for a “No-fly zone” do indeed want to stop the bombs falling on jihadist-held areas of Aleppo. But they want to replace this with NATO dropping a vastly greater weight of vastly more powerful weaponry on areas held by the Assad regime. They are relentless warmongering bastards, pretending to be motivated by humanitarian concern.

There are no easy answers in Syria. Without Russian and Syrian government air power, Syria might well already have fallen to disparate groups of murdering religious fanatics, who would then have redoubled their existing tendency to also kill each other. The pretence that there is any significant number of pro-western democratic rebels is ludicrous nonsense.[1]

Note: Mr. Murray goes on to pan the Assad regime as indecent as well, with which thought I do not agree.

[1]  Retired British career diplomat Craig Murray quoted in "Hillary Clinton Wants to Destroy Syria Just Like Libya. Attempting to enforce a 'no-fly zone' in Syria is a recipe for disaster." By Eric Zuesse, Russia Insider, 10/14/16.


JWMJR said...

These people are insane and corrupt.

Anonymous said...

So what if Assad is just as bad as ISIS et al? He is, as far as I know, the legitimate ruler/head of state. Fedgov has no legitimate business in Syria. Those who cry about Putin getting involved obviously have zero grasp of history.

Guess this means one more Peace Prize for the warmonger in chief?