Friday, October 14, 2016

Snipe hunting on the Potomac.

(Question from Sputnik. Something or other is happening somewhere or other in the interstices of the American political machine regarding Syria. But something else is happening somewhere else. What do I think?)

[Armstrong:] The problem with the question as posed is that it assumes that there is somewhere one can find, if only one can dig deep enough, can detect the last vital piece of information, can parse a Delphic utterance, A Plan in Washington about Syria.

"Who’s in Charge in Washington?" By Patrick Armstrong, Russia Observer, 10/10/16.

H/t: Russia Insider.


Unknown said...

My opinion? I think they will wait til all the Christians are dead, then claim "what difference can it make?" ...and move a pawn to another square on the board.

Col. B. Bunny said...

As accurate a forecast as any, Mr. Imel. Libya's the example of what happens when you meddle in the affairs of nations with precisely no plan at all for when you succeed. Libya's a horrible catastrophe and these arrogant swine intend for Syria to be turned into a charnel house as well.

Anonymous said...

"Libya's a horrible catastrophe...."
Yes, if you are a sane person with morals. However, perhaps the end result was the intended result. Perhaps assumptions that 'those in charge' are sane and want the best for all are false.