Thursday, October 20, 2016

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Dept.

     A few prefatory comments: I like Canada. Really I do. I also like Canadians, at least the ones I’ve encountered in my various professional and personal travels. They’re pleasant people, a bit overly prone to forelock-tugging, but hey, Americans tend toward the opposite fault, so what the hell. But they do some really strange things up there:

     An out-of-control five-kilogram wheel of aged farmhouse cheddar is being blamed for breaking an infant's leg in a B.C. Supreme Court lawsuit arising from a Whistler cheese-rolling competition.

     In a notice of civil claim filed by her guardian, Juli Nonaka claims she was injured on Blackcomb Mountain in August during the ninth annual running of the Great Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival.

     "As the plaintiff was watching the event from behind a safety net on the premises, a cheese wheel came rolling down the hill and stretched the safety net colliding with the plaintiff, causing her to be knocked to the ground and sustain injury, loss and damage," the claim reads.

     I don’t go looking for this stuff. Honestly, I don’t. But it finds its way to me.


Dr. Mabuse said...

I'm astonished. Surely those people were required to sign a "wheyver" before being admitted!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they need glass ala hockey rinks at these events.