Thursday, October 6, 2016

Liberal secession.

It is that modern liberalism in the last few decades, represented by roughly half the American people, has simply got up and walked away from the other half, from the historical America, from human reality, and from metaphysical truth. Those whom James Kalb calls “advanced” liberals deny that America is really a country at all, that the American people have an historic identity, and that marriage is exclusively a heterosexual institution; they affirm that the nuclear family is constrictive, outmoded, and humanly unnecessary, that sexual differentiation is a matter of preference and identity rather than of biology, that morality is a relative concept, that theism of any sort is irrational, that all religions (but Christianity in particular) are aggressive and oppressive, that men are capable of self-creation and self-perfection, and that, consequently, man is the measure and the meaning of the universe—and demand that lesser mortals humbly accept their absurdist propositions and the consequences that follow from acting upon them.

. . . Liberalism, ideologically and institutionally, has seceded from the United States as surely—and much more completely—as did the Confederacy from the so-called Union.[1]

Liberals perseverate over absurdly petty differences in attitude, conduct, and status. They studiously avoid noticing the most obvious substantial and real problems faced by their society, are oblivious to the future consequences of anything, and like a laser beam, hone in on what is petty, mean, and gross. Abortion, for example, is worshiped as a beautiful thing in and of itself, but its reality is ghastly and contemptible -- and a central tenet of liberalism.

[1] " No Surrender." Chilton Williamson Jr., Chronicles, 9/8/16 (subscription may be necessary).


Anonymous said...

I believe that paragraph should make up the definition of liberalism in the next edition of the DSM.

Col. B. Bunny said...

LOL. Thanks. I would like to leave something of value behind when I leave this vale of tears. So far my signature accomplishment is to have expended or consumed 4 tons of gasoline, 4,000 rounds of M-14 and M-16 rounds, and 400 lbs. of steak.