Thursday, October 20, 2016


     The CSO works with several distinct orders of Catholic nuns. As we were watching a hockey game last night, I had a stray thought:

     FWP: Say, do the nuns you work with ever ask about one another?
     CSO: You mean like, “How are things going with those other women?”

     FWP: Yeah, like that.
     CSO: No, but the orders are close. Individual sisters ask about sisters in another order all the time.

     FWP: But no competition?
     CSO: What would they compete over? Donors?

     FWP: Maybe over some highly rated postulant or novice. You know, “We’ll give you two first-round draft choices and a sister to be named later for Mary Smith.”
     CSO: Uh, no. But it would liven things up.
     FWP: Especially around the trading deadline.
     CSO: Yeah.

     I doubt she’ll suggest it to them. (Can you imagine the draft procedures?) But maybe she should.

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Rob said...

Fran, you literally made me laugh out loud with that exchange! You could even go a step farther by establishing a FFL. Fantasy Friars League. I know they're nuns but FNL doesn't roll of the tongue as easily.