Monday, October 24, 2016

Leftist rhetorical integrity.

I don't recall where I copied this from but it's on the money:
  1. A desire to follow the constitution is "extreme."
  2. A desire to follow the rule of law is "extreme."
  3. A desire to keep more of one's earns as our purchasing power erodes is "extreme."
  4. A desire to have the government out of our daily business is "extreme."
  5. A desire to protect our borders and insulate ourselves from the third world and potential terrorists is "extreme."
  6. A desire to maintain our standard of living and cultural values is "extreme."
  7. A desire to hold leadership accountable for their mistakes is "extreme."
The left is all about evasion. I saw a recent article on The Unz Review (?) to the effect that "I don't like what you're saying, therefore it must be racist." That would be the bottom line. When the sledding gets heavy, allegations of racism, bigotry, etc. are trotted out faster than Hillary's Epipen.

Substance of an argument is never addressed but the morals, transgressions, stupidities, alcohol problems, failed marriages, philanderings, and college term paper typos are the leftists' first order of business in any debate. The ad hominem raised to an art form.

Leftist positions on spending, free speech, gun rights, multiculturalism, diversity, open borders, the "living Constitution," black internecine violence, black academic failure, ballot integrity, feminism, abortion, the family, Common Core, home schooling, "refugees," "asylum," Western civilization, marriage, the Religion of Peace, etc. are so absurd and distorted it's imperative that any focus on the substance of their arguments be deflected.

Anyhow. Just a shallow dive into the pathology today.

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Anonymous said...

A firm belief and adherence to any principle is extreme to a leftist. They live in the moment and only by the credo, "The ends justify the means."