Saturday, October 29, 2016

I'm sure this is what Eric Holder had in mind.

From an article prompted by black mobs attacking whites in the vicinity of Temple University in Philadelphia:
Though all races are being admitted to college too liberally, blacks benefit the most, for only 1/5th of blacks in universities should even be there. Feeling out of place, blacks across the country are demanding separate dormitories.

Blacks are also given preferred treatment when it comes to government jobs and contracts, so the academy, state and media are all in their favor, yet their failures have only increased.

* * * *

Having achieved not just civic equality but, at times [24/7], even favored treatment, blacks still often find themselves on the losing end of life’s struggles. If you dare to suggest that individual blacks should bear at least some responsibilities [i.e., total responsibility] for their failures, however, you will be branded a racist.

So I’m a racist for writing this, Walter Williams is a racist for pointing out that most blacks attending college shouldn’t be there, and Joe Lauletta is a racist for calling his daughter’s attackers “sick animals.” Everyone is a racist except those 150+ blacks who attacked whites unprovoked.

"Who’s Racist?" By Linh Dinh, The Unz Review, 10/28/16.