Tuesday, June 12, 2018

An Embarrassment

     Please forgive me, Gentle Readers. I’ve overlooked a condition I really should have noticed long before this.

     Until about three weeks ago, Blogger would send me email to notify me that someone had submitted a comment to a post here at Liberty’s Torch. For the past three weeks, I’ve received no such emails, which I naively took to mean that no one had submitted any comments. Silly me.

     Just yesterday, longtime reader Pascal wrote to ask me why I hadn’t approved any comments in so long. I replied that it might just be that no one had submitted any. Pascal wrote to inform me that he most certainly had. Silly me.

     Anyway, to cut a long story short, I just went to the Comments in Moderation section of my Blogger control panel and approved comments that go all the way back to May 24. I have no idea why Blogger didn’t email me about them. Research must continue.

     Comment away, Gentle Readers. I’m “back on the job.”


Pascal said...

You're most definitely forgiven. Blogger had done that to my readers some 3 or 4 years ago. It took me months to discover their comments awaiting approval.

FrankC said...

I think you have to tell Blogger that you agree to receive emails from them.
Blame GDPR courtesy EU.

Amy Bowersox said...

Oh, what a relief! I thought I'd done something that offended you, and so you were sending my comments to oblivion. I'm happy to see that that's not the case. And yes, still looking forward to seeing Experienced!