Monday, June 18, 2018

It Strains Credulity...

     ...after all this time and so many "unfortunate" deaths, to think that this – an element in a long series – could possibly be a coincidence, “just one of those things:”

     Please endure the synthesized voice and watch it.

     What’s the body count now? How many threats to the Clintons’ power and wealth have died mysteriously, and just in time to prevent a revelation?

     The Clinton family is more dangerous to America than today’s Cosa Nostra. At least those gangsters only kill one another.


Col. B. Bunny said...

We dodged a bullet when that snake had to crawl back in her hole. It is hard for normal people to grasp the extent of the conniving, lying, and degeneracy. Think spirit cooking; pay-to-play, one-stop Secretary of State services; Bill's island adventures; Haiti children; Saudi penetration; inter alia.

Andy Texan said...

Another name for the list of the coincidental but unusually timely death of a Clinton accuser. Obama as a few names on his list. Do these witnesses every take precautions?