Friday, June 1, 2018

Cleaning up the Mess Caused by the Obama Letter

College drinking is a major problem on many campuses.

Drunken 'hook-ups' are a standard feature on many of those same campuses.

Rape is not. Yes, it does occur.

But voluntarily drinking to the point of voluntarily engaging in sex with people that you later say, "What was I thinking?" is NOT rape.

It is a massive error in judgement. Bad judgement in drinking so much in such a short time, that subsequent actions are not a reflection of your reasoned, core values.

Not rape.

As long as both were drinking/chemically impaired, the blame is on BOTH of them. No greater guilt to the one that has a Y chromosome.

Understand, I'm not talking about those rare cases when someone was deliberately made incapable of functioning, by someone who stayed sober enough to have control over his/her actions. Those incident are different.

I'm talking about the more common cases when a woman (almost always a woman) voluntarily drinks, then engages in sex with someone.

Then, cries rape after the fact. Sometimes, LONG after the fact.

Here's a link to one of those cases, in which the campus harpies were so determined to produce a guilty verdict that a young man was put through the wringer THREE times.

  1. First, with the actual police, who investigated, and declined to press charges.
  2. Then, with the Campus Rape Tribunal.
  3. Then, when the young man - AGAIN - was found not guilty, appealed the verdict. And, SOMEHOW managed to fail to notify him in time to prevent the abuse of the system. In his absence, they found him guilty of rape. And, ruined both his education and his career.

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