Sunday, June 24, 2018


Progressives, leftists, reformers, communists, and socialists proceed on the assumption that they have unique insight, insight that is magisterially informed by their boundless humanity and insight into the human condition. They have savoir faire. They know how to make human life better in a way that earlier ignorant schlubs, greedy capitalists, and aristocratic parasites didn’t. Ergo, they make plans for humans, whether they want them or not. Progressives are enlightened, therefore everyone else needs to toe the line and submit to wonderfulness.

Contrary to this nice fairy tale is this rather stark assessment of what it is that humans can know and predict about the world:

My 2 cents on the subject; Humans are nothing more than manifestations of the universe, just like squirrels, rocks, trees and a billion other thing that "exist". We will act out our nature and then we will disappear. The idea that we can change our nature or direct or control our course is a joke. We have no idea what we are doing, no idea what the consequences of our actions are and no ability to judge whether what we are doing is "good" or "bad". It is arrogant to take the tiny strip of knowledge that we have and extrapolate that into presumptions like "we need to do that or stop doing this".

A human looking out over the world and concluding what "should be" is like a chimpanzee trying to comprehend and diagnose a Ferrari. Whether or not YOU worry about the world it's going to do what it does as it has for billions of years longer than man has existed and probably will for billions more after we are gone.[1]

Socialists and statists who think they know how they can tear everything down and put it back together again with the flick of a wrist have always failed. Each new zealot attempting to try it again just this one more time ought to keep that image firmly in mind, that of the chimpanzee contemplating a Ferrari.

[1] Comment by brushhog on "The End Of Growth.” By Chris Martenson, ZeroHedge, 6/23/18.

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