Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Quickies: An Abhorrence Cascade

     Have a few links to set the tone:

     Combine those with the increasing number of commentators opining that we’re already in “a soft civil war.” Very few civil wars stay “soft.” It’s all too likely that a violent incident will turn this one “hard.”

     We’ve all heard about preference cascades. What’s occurring in the U.S. at this time is a preference cascade of an ugly sort. Increasing numbers of left-inclined Americans have discovered the pleasures of harassing unresisting political adversaries. To this point, their targets have not fought back. That will encourage others of left-liberal inclinations to take up this new pastime...which will make it ever more likely that someone they’ve targeted will pull a weapon and mete out some rough justice.

     The real, in-the-flesh world is not Twitter. Actions can have consequences here. And those consequences can be dire, especially among peaceably inclined Americans who’ve decided that they’ve reached their limits. But the brainless Left, which glories in violence, will not draw the moral until blood has been spilled.

     Up to this point, the major media have acted as enablers of the Left’s harassment tactics. How will they treat the arrival of the lit match at the powder keg? Will any of their luminaries accept even a scintilla of responsibility? Your guess is as good as mine.

     I’d thought that once AntiFa had been compelled to pull in its horns, we might return to our usual state of nervousness. I was wrong. The eruption of lethal violence is essentially foreordained at this point. The only question that remains to be answered is which side will strike the first blows. Whatever the case, I’m done writing about it.

     Take Ol’ Remus’s advice to heart:

     Prepare. Stay away from crowds. Be alert.

     To which I will add my favorite bit of wisdom from the great Niccolo de Macchiavelli:

Before all else, be armed.

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Shadowdancer Duskstar said...

Will any of their luminaries accept even a scintilla of responsibility?

You and I know that they never will. They haven't ever accepted responsibility and their constant pushing of communism shows that they are adamant in their belief that they are never wrong.