Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ultra-Quickies: A Good Law Being Properly Enforced

     The existing law that mandates the separation of illegal alien children from their presumed parents is a good one that must continue in force – and it must be enforced to the letter. Here’s why.

     First, adult detention facilities are no place for children. The probability that a child put into those conditions will be abused is high. Keeping them in a separate, children-only facility is far better for their safety.

     Second, there are only two possibilities concerning their “parents:” either they are, or they aren’t. In the former case, the deterrent effect upon prospective illegal entrants with children is strengthened by the foreknowledge that parents will be separated from their children for an indefinite period. In the latter case, the adults are attempting to exploit the children as tickets to entry. They must be denied that token. Moreover, the adults having resolved to exploit the children once already, the probability of other kinds of exploitation increases in the event they are denied entry to the United States.

     The Democrats and the NeverTrumpers are engaged in their own campaign of exploitation, of course. The existing law goes back to 2002 and was enforced by the Bush II and Obama Administrations exactly as it’s being enforced today. The notion that illegal alien children (or their parents) are somehow being abused by ICE is a pure phantasm with no truth to it. In fact the kids are kept in comfortable surroundings packed with entertainments and diversions. They’re regularly fed and checked upon medically. They receive a degree of supervision and protection beyond what many American children enjoy. They’ve probably never had it so good in their lives.

     Of course, now that I've said that, we may expect that bleeding-heart types will seize on it and protest the eventual repatriation of the kiddies “back to squalor after they’ve become accustomed to American standards of comfort and safety.” Some things are entirely predictable, even in political combat.

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