Saturday, June 2, 2018

Woodrow Trump and the main target.

A couple of pithy quotes:
Much like Woodrow Wilson, who won re-election on the promise to keep America out of war, so, too, did Donald Trump. And just like Wilson, no sooner had Trump won the election than he began beating the drums of war. Wilson took the U.S. into the First World War. Trump is making all of the overtures of taking us into the Third World War.

It is more than obvious that Trump is itching for a war with Iran and Syria.[1]

As of now, we are observing a kind of a stand-still in Syria, filled mostly with local events that are more tactical in nature. This includes the liquidation of militant enclaves in Eastern Ghouta, East Qalamoun, Yarmouk, and Al-Rastan. This pause is most likely taken to allow for preparations ahead of the next phase of this war, in which Iran will become the main target of a large coalition of Israel, GCC states and a number of other Arab states, and quite possibly Turkey.[2]
[1] "Congress Says 'No' To War With Iran." By Chuck Baldwin, 5/31/18.
[2] "Iran is Fighting Tooth and Nail for Its Positions in Iraq and Syria." By Petr Lvov, Near Eastern Outlook, 5/30/18.

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