Monday, June 25, 2018

It's an Old Crime, But...

...the thugs have not yet been indicted. A new look at some old garbage.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. I'd like to see Trump's people in Justice target these guys with some indictments. If they do, they might shake loose some very interesting revelations. The twists, double-fakeouts, and meandering, undercover plotting make Watergate look like a 3rd grader's scheme.

And, like Watergate, it's all too unbelievable to make a good story.

A different slant on the IG report, one that twists the Justice Dept. - and Mueller - into knots from which they cannot escape.

And, finally, a framework (so to speak) that puts the entire caper in perspective.

This activity might be behind Strzok's removal under guard.

Is this the root of the Deep State, or it there more? (I'm betting a LOT more). Remember that name - Henry J. Kerner. I have a feeling it will crop up again - and again.

This is gonna be a LONG HAUL - a lengthy, dirty, nasty push to eliminate these inbred, rat-f***ing weasels from their cushy underground lairs. It's going to take grit, stamina, and the willingness to endure having a lot of cr@p thrown at the guys who take on the task.

I say guys, because, let's be honest, that's who will do most of the work. In the video below, look at the aftermath of the explosion that happens early in the video - that's MEN who respond, instinctively, heading INTO danger, rather than away (as any sensible person would do).

That's what MEN do. It's why I love the Die Hard films - because they are an homage to raw manliness. Bruce Willis isn't that big (neither unusually tall nor exceptionally muscular). He isn't unusually smart, although he has a quick intelligence and is street smart. But, he takes on whatever comes his way, and never, ever, gives up.

That's a man.

Be that man.

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