Friday, June 22, 2018

Immigration Follies

The Z Man makes a lot of sense here.

The start of the 'child' detention problems. Amazingly, Ed Asner seems to figure in it, as his housekeeper had a child named as part of the suit.

So, now that Trump has reversed the policy that separated children from the adult(s) accompanying them, are the Progressives FINALLY happy?

Don't be ridiculous!

Because now the kids have to stay in the detention facilities with the parents. in other words, this is NOT going be a reboot of Catch & Release.

Expect an immediate reaction from the Democrat-supporting lower Federal Court judges. Can't have those nasty non-Leftists thinking they can defy the Permanent Leftist Government!


Maddog said...

To understand what is going on with the progressive left in America you first need to read Eric Hoffer, The True Believer. That will help you understand that the progressive left in America has become a mass movement not a rational political movement with reasonable or rational goals.

Then read When Prophecy Fails, by Leon Festinger. This will help you understand where the current progressive mass movement is in its collapse. The progressive mass movement is an apocalyptical millenarist movement; it is repeatedly predicting that either Trump will cause the destruction of the world or Trump will cause the Nazification of America. When the latest prediction fails, a new one is generated. This is what happened in Festinger's book; a UFO cult predicted the end of the world. Festinger et al. sent researchers to join the cult to observe how the cult would handle the cognitive dissonance of the world not ending according to their beliefs. The book is vital to understanding how cults and mass movements handle this cognitive dissonance and how and why they finally fail.

Mark Sherman

Linda Fox said...

Thank you for the suggestions. I have the Hoffer book, but it is slow-going. i will plan to read it next month - I'll be traveling to DC, and I like to prepare for long plane trips.

I just bought the Festinger book - only $0.99 on Kindle!

My issue now is that I'm healing a stress fracture, and have developed tendonitis in the opposite leg's knee. Makes it hard to get around. I'm on mild pain killers, so my concentration is poor. I'm reduced to reading fluff, or watch Matlock reruns.