Thursday, June 28, 2018

Quickies: “It’s The World We Live In”

     Few musicians of my era have done as much for their art form as Mark Knopfler – and he has something to say:

I keep a weather eye on the horizon, back to the wall
I like to know who's coming through the door, that’s all
It's the old Army training, kickin' in
I'm not complaining, It's the world we live in

Blarney and Malarkey, they're a devious firm
They'll take you to the cleaners, or let you burn
The help is breaking dishes in the kitchen -- thanks a lot
We hired the worst dishwasher This place ever got

Comin’ in below the radar, they want to spoil our fun...
In the meantime, I'm cleaning my gun

Remember it got so cold ice froze up the tank
We lit a fire beneath her just so she would crank
Keep a weather eye on the horizon, tap the storm glass now and then
We got a case of Old Damnation For when you get here my friend

We can have ourselves a party before they come...
In the meantime, I'm cleaning my gun

We had women and a mirror ball, we had a DJ
We used to eat pretty much all came this way
Ever since the goons came in took apart the place
I keep a tire iron in the corner just in case

Gave you a magic bullet on a little chain
Keep you safe from the chilly winds and the howl of the rain
We're gonna might need bullets, should we get stuck
Any which way, we're gonna need a little luck

You can still get gas in heaven and drink in kingdom come...
In the meantime, I'm cleaning my gun

     Take it seriously. The storm clouds have breasted the horizon and they’re moving our way fast.

     Prepare. Stay away from crowds. Be alert. -- Ol’ Remus

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Ronbo said...

13 years ago on my blog, I predicted a Second U.S. Civil War.

I based my prediction on one factor - and one factor alone - the rabid hate on the Left for anyone who didn't agree with their daily "Party Line" would some day boil over into bloody civil war.

The Day is dawning.

Clean your guns!