Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Individual Soul

For many people, the term "soul" is outdated. If you're a sort-of believer, a 'spiritual' person, you may think of the word as a representation of one's brain - the individual consciousness.

The soul is probably best thought of as the essence of who you are. Your body may (OK, will) change, your brain will undergo changes - learning, processing, deterioration, and - eventually - death.

But, the soul remains.

Those who cannot accept the concept of an individuality within, that exists separately from the body and mind, see no reason not to look forward to the coming Hivemind.

I'm currently writing another story, this one about the consequences of changing a society to accommodate techno-needs, and the emotional and spiritual changes that follow.

Star Trek fans (the original) saw this explored in several episodes. This showed societies with predictably undesirable outcomes.

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