Monday, June 25, 2018

Ultra-Quickies: An Important Bit Of Opinion

     Concerning the recent harassment aimed at Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen, and other conservatives and Republicans when in public places:

     [I]f this is the new normal then there sadly isn’t much recourse available beyond fighting fire with fire. In the past, when political speech has gone beyond acceptable, legal boundaries, it’s almost never been met in kind. When the Tea Party held rallies where they obtained permits and stayed within designated marching routes or gathering areas, the Black Lives Matter movement closed down highways and airports or organized “black brunch” where businesses were closed down. When the right gathers petitions to not have a statue of Lenin in the public square, the left simply goes and tears down symbols they don’t like. And now we’re at the point where government officials must be hounded out of public spaces when they are off the clock?

     This isn’t going to end unless there is an actual incentive for it to end. And the media isn’t going to supply that incentive since most of those folks either openly support social warfare or convey signals that they privately do. In the months which have passed since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the accepted rules of engagement have been thrown out the window and if you want that to stop you’re going to have to answer in kind. As I was saying on Twitter this weekend, the day is coming when the Democrats are going to take back the White House and one or both chambers of Congress. It may not be immediately, but it absolutely will happen sooner or later.

     Nobody is going to get the message until Democrats and liberals find out that they don’t get a free pass to behave in this fashion and go unanswered. The next Democratic president should have impeachment discussions awaiting them when they get back from their inaugural balls. And while the media won’t do the work, the same number of Freedom of Information acts should be flooding every department in the executive branch and the offices of every Democratic congressman and Senator, just as they have since Trump took office.

     [Jazz Shaw, If “Social Warfare” Is The New Norm, Conservatives Will Be Forced To Play The Game]

     This is unfortunately beyond any possibility of refutation. Gandhi could use nonviolent resistance because the British colonial authorities would not go to the extreme required to deter it. The American Left has tasted blood. It will not be deterred by anything short of a massive counterstrike: both on the Left’s harassers and on its own public figures.

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DAN III said...

Until Traditional Americans rise up in violence against the openly emerging communists within this fUSA, nothing will get better. Simply put: