Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ultra-Quickies: I Loves Me A Good Solid Irony

     Don’t expect much from me this weekend, as I’ll be away from Cyclops most of the time and guzzling huge volumes of delightful New York wines and busy with other matters of interest. However, I’ll ring in now and then to cite something of particular interest, such as this conjecture:

     Page and Strzok have become notorious for the anti-Trump texts they sent to one another. The IG report cited these texts as evidence that Strzok's decisions may not have been free of bias.

     One decision in particular stood out. Strzok seems to have been instrumental in delaying a key lead in the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails. In September 2016, the FBI discovered Clinton emails on the laptop of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.). Rather than pursuing this lead in the Clinton investigation, the FBI — and Strzok specifically — sat on it....

     On October 28 — a mere eleven days before the presidential election — Comey sent his infamous letter to Congress announcing the discovery of Clinton emails on the Weiner laptop. The FBI obtained a search warrant to review the emails two days later, on October 30. Finally, on November 6, two days before the election, Comey sent a final letter to Congress stating that the review of the emails on the laptop had not changed the FBI's conclusions on Clinton.

     The author of the article thinks that alone might have tipped the election to Donald Trump. Please read it all. Then proceed to this heaping helping of sarcasm from Sharyl Attkisson. You’ll be both appalled and amused.

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