Saturday, June 23, 2018

This $h!t is Getting REAL!

The Left is getting more unhinged every day.

I'm used to celebrities screaming obscenities at Non-Leftist politicians. I'm used to them threatening to kill them - heck, a few of them even attempt it.

Some of them seriously.

But, this?

And this? That wimpy-ass 'apology'? NOT good enough. Not nearly.

Threatening minors, because of who they are related to?

The Secret Service needs to get on this, putting a few of them in jail for a few days, until they get their little attitude straightened out.

AND, their employers need to come down on them as hard as Roseanne's boss's did.

Or, harder. This isn't just an insult that a MATURE person would have answered with:
Consider the source.
No - they are threatening DEATH, RAPE, and ASSAULT. Against minors and women.


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Linda Fox said...

In case it wasn't clear, that's how Valerie Jarrett SHOULD have answered Roseanne's Tweet.