Sunday, November 29, 2015

Birds of a feather.

Senior White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett continues to maintain very close relations with CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood group based within the United States. CAIR most recently awarded the Texas student dubbed “clock boy” as its 2015 “Muslim of the year.” The teenage student had built a device which looked like a suitcase bomb and then brought it to school where understandable panic ensued. Within 24-hours the boy received congratulations from Barack Obama himself who declared the device to be a “cool clock” and then invited the boy and his Muslim family to the White House for presidential recognition.

For building a fake bomb clock.

What has just transpired over the skies of Turkey and Syria is no hoax though – it is a show of strength from the world’s most powerful Muslim Brotherhood nation against a world leader who has long made clear his disdain of Muslim militants.

Within hours of the Russian fighter jet being shot down by Turkish anti-aircraft fire, the first government to quickly side with Turkey was the Obama administration.[1]

CAIR – Muslim Brotherhood ties, unindicted co-conspirator Holy Land terror financing trial.

Valerie Jarrett – close ties with CAIR; most important political adviser to Barack Hussein Obama.

Recep Erdogan – president of Turkey, long-time member of the Muslim Brotherhood; supplier of arms and ammunition to al Qaida and so-called Free Syrian Army forces in Syria.

Barack Hussein Obama – ally of Erdogan; author of the statement "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." Amused by a fake suitcase bomb built by a Muslim school boy.

Like a dog that will roll in the carcass of a skunk, Obama, it's safe to say, has got the stink of the Muslim Brotherhood on him. And he's providing Brotherhood people access to our government. It's absurd.

Some Americans may have gotten used to this freak's being in the White House but I have not. Seeing him there is like coming home and finding a giraffe reading a Chinese newspaper in your living room.

[1] "Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet." DCWhispers, 11/24/15.


0007 said...

Did you forget Hillarys'(probable) bed partner Huma? Sister to head of muzbrohood.

Tim Turner said...

Hi, Bunny!

I was surprised by the gentile nature of the comparison in your last sentence. When the news causes me despair (which is all too often) the last sentence would read: " Seeing him there is like coming home and finding a steaming pile of excrement in your living room."

Unknown said...

Putin in not a part of the 'team' yet. Islamic "refugees" are the sword being employed to end the nation state (democratic or not). The sissy boy acted uncharacteristically in ordering the shoot down to punish Putin's anti-isis policy. Isis and the islamic sword must be close to his evil heart.

Reg T said...

Tim, you read my (nasty) mind, although I was going to say, "To find a hyena taking a dump on your dining room table." He reminds me of a hyena. He'd be a total coward if he weren't living under the protection of others.

I can't get as precise as I would like in my description of that POS on another person's blog. If the Secret Service knew exactly what I thought of that creature - who I feel certain was regularly reamed by the imam of his Indonesian madrasa, by his "mentor" Frank Marshall "Short Eyes" Davis, and whoever his more recent partners might be - they would ever rendition me or become BFFs of mine. Based on how he throws a ball like a girly girl, you just _know_ he's a catcher, not a pitcher.

He is a traitor who truly does want to destroy America, to take it down from the "imperialist" bad guy he imagines us to be. He has been actively assisting ISIS/Daesh, while trying to seem like he is doing something to stop them. He is no muslim himself, but he was taught (in that madrasa, I'm sure) to "love" muslims, and was being honest when he said he would side with them. So, Iran will get its nuclear weapons, and both Israel and America will be made to suffer threats from Iran, at the very least, if not actual deaths and destruction. He is proof that true evil exists.

Col. B. Bunny said...

007, I did indeed. She was the left-hand woman to Clinton while she was SoS for heaven's sake. No doubt with a security clearance yet she has clear ties to the Saudi government, if not their intel.

Tim, I am forever seeking to travel the high road after a life as a cad and a wastrel.

Andy, there's analysis that says U.S. and Saudi AWACS assisted in targeting the Russian fighter


No question, Reg. He's the reason that the Natural Born Citizen clause in the Constitution was put in there. He has no allegiance to the country of which he is the chief executive. If Obama wanted to cause damage to the U.S. what would he do differently from what he's doing now?