Friday, November 13, 2015

Gentlemens, place your bets, please.

Hear me roar.
Did Pao fail as CEO of Reddit, due to discrimination or was it "something else"?
Comment by Uncle_Lui on "Ellen Pao: We've made progress battling sexism in Silicon Valley. In an online essay, the former Reddit CEO says more women and minorities are speaking publicly about discrimination in tech." By Terry Collins, c/net, 11/10/15.


  1. Yeah, let's go with "something else".

    In a sane world, she's be lucky to find a job shovelling shit out of a septic tank.

  2. If a land mine had legs, this might be what it would look like when it arrived for a job interview. At the very outset it would be "Don't hire me and see how you like a law suit next Monday."


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