Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Boundary problems.

I’m not persuaded that world opinion will ever “make sense” of the Paris attacks. . . .

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One thing seems assured: hard-line governments are coming soon. Politically, the West had boundary problems that go way beyond the question of national borders to the core psychology of modern liberalism. When is enough of anything enough? And then, what are you really willing to do about it? The answer lately among the Western societies is to do little and do it slowly.[1]

Or do nothing, is more like it, except collapse them yet more.

Boundaries are the essential to personal happiness and national survival. But any attempt to defend a boundary in The Present Madness (or The Long Decline) draws far-left T cells in an instant with charges of bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and Nazi flying like steam-powered vibrators at a lesbian wedding shower. Angela Merkel has AntiFa on speed dial for those unsavory and unofficial "enforcement" events where persuasion of boundary fanatics is a necessity.

For more than 100 years, borders, core institutions (family, federal-state relations, courts, military, polling places), laws, and economies have crumbled to dust before deceitful claims of "inequality," "discrimination," and injured feelings on the part of enemies, parasites, incompetents, and mother's precious snowflakes.

The Colonel has quoted A. Solzhenitsyn, R.L. Stevenson, H. Stein, and B. Franklin till his keyboard has almost caught fire for the proposition that sooner or later reality comes crashing through the living room like a freight train that even Denzel Washington can't stop.

In the human organism, if boundaries are not maintained and too much energy flows out or too much malevolence or stupidity flows in, depression and even madness will be the result because no organism can sustain an imbalance forever. Resilience means that there are still reserves available to stave off the inevitable if changes are not made. How much resilience do you see in the ascending curve in the graph at this post of mine today or in this video?

Nation states are no different. The diversity that Barbara Lerner Spectre likes so much is, as events are showing in Europe, an instance of the inflow of malevolence and stupidity.

Healthy boundaries would have prevented the metastisization of Muslims into its heartland but those boundaries collapsed under far-left, utopian insanity. The only requirement for full citizenship or unrestricted passage across any border today is a pulse. That is the only discrimination that is official permitted now. Let the dead pound sand. Grrr.

The result will now be the "unpleasantness" of hard-line government, bloody internal conflict or the cowardly tolerance of an acceptable amount of Islamic terror and arrogance until the de facto jizya payments become de jure.

Choose one.

[1] "There Are No Safe Spaces." By James Howard Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation, 11/16/15.

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