Thursday, November 12, 2015

May I Have Twenty Of Your Minutes, Please?

     Quite a lot of Liberty’s Torch’s Gentle Readers have stated that they seldom or never watch embedded videos. To those and others, both of like and unlike minds:

This one matters.
It presents a glimpse of the future.
Perhaps it’s your future.
I don’t think you’d like that.

     Please, please watch it, and reflect.

     In case YouTube should delist the video, I've downloaded a copy, though I don't know how to embed one without YouTube support. If you do, please write me.

     (Note also that in classic fashion, the Europeans blame the United States for the refugee influx. We’re always the source of their troubles. Just as we were in World Wars I and II, right? Right?)


Ron Olson said...

I almost always watch your recommendations. This one is especially moving.

Manu said...

Francis... I'm worried.

Yeah, I know, I've been one of the stronger proponents of the "burn it down" philosophy. And I'm not backpedaling on that. But when I saw this video, there were some signs that got under my skin.

First, I can't dispute any of the facts. Indeed, some of them I've already researched on my own for The Declination. So the video is true, so far as I can tell, in every particular I am qualified to comment on. I therefore extend the benefit of the doubt to those points I have not personally researched.

Second, there were a couple oblique references to the Jews in the video. Small. Two or three, at most (I'd have to rewatch to pick them out for you). This is disconcerting. Again, I don't dispute the facts. But there's an attitude in this video that is worrisome.

I don't know what to make of it. We must fight back against Islamic and Third World invasion. And that's what it is. Invasion.

At the same time, I worry that this is going to ignite an all-out race war in which a LOT of innocents are going to get killed, along with the guilty. I worry that our freedom will be among the casualties of the conflict to come, that neo-fascist movements may insert themselves into this business, and that we will trade one tyranny for another. Native Evil vs. Imported Evil, if you will.

This sucks, Francis. I hate that we've come to this point, and I loathe the "leaders" who brought us to this particular juncture. I hope that whatever happens, they get what's coming to them for doing this to the West. If God has a sense of humor, perhaps it will be their own Third World migrants who kill them. Poetic justice would be nice, but I'd settle for any justice at this point.

I don't know. I guess I'm rambling at this point, and I'll close by saying that the video highlights just how unpleasant things are going to become, and how futile our warnings really were. We told them that this was going to happen, and they didn't listen.

Now we're all going to pay the price.

RichJ said...


Thanks for the post. This is indeed shapes of things to come. Time to pull out Matthew 22 && 24-25 and read again. Anaict, there is just one known solution to these issues....

About your question regarding serving video, here is a link to some of the video server software that is out there. I think if you are to do this, you will need to either run your own *nix server (or have someone do it for you that is more open source oriented than the google guys). Either way, expect to pony up the $$$.

There are issues of course... check out this WordPress tutorial:

Tim Turner said...

Appalling. And the most graphic example of civilizational collapse I've ever seen.