Monday, November 2, 2015


Common sense long ago departed Europe, especially Germany, which is doing its best to foul the European nest. Merkel's destructive intent is clear to all but the most deluded or compromised.

She and the rest of the Treason Class have counted on a slow, drip-drip of "immigration" to create a fait accompli but the onslaught of invaders in recent months has been huge and the failure to employ troops to seal off even just the 175-mile European land border with Turkey is just never, ever, ever even mentioned by Merkel. How hard is it seal off 175 miles of land border with 3.5M active and reserve military in Europe? Apparently, there is some other yet-more-threatening invasion against which they are being held in readiness.

Thus, it's no exaggeration to say Merkel intends the destruction of her own land and all of Europe by encouraging and facilitating the ghastly Muslim invasion. And no citizen can fail to notice this. Not now.

Fissures are also appearing in her political support and they will only widen rapidly as the pace of the invasion increases. This opposition is not going away.

This massive influx has revealed Merkel for who she is -- a communist functionary in her youth in E. Germany who has brought with her to the chancellorship of Germany a scheme for the revolutionary transformation of Germany, and Europe with it.

The German people have inexplicably continued to support her but even such somnolent people cannot ignore how white Germans are being evicted from their homes to provide housing for the invaders. Nor can they ignore that one village of something like 120 people is threatened with having to take in a group of invaders that is seven times the population of the village. Nor can Germans -- meticulous, orderly, and law-abiding -- fail to notice how their country is becoming mired in human waste and garbage left by these smug, arrogant foreigners.

This kind of madness, this kind of in-your-face dispossession can no longer be ignored. Merkel will be forced out as chancellor in 60 days. What should have been demanded at the outset so that NO invader could step foot on European soil – repelling sea-borne invaders and sealing borders – will now have to be instituted after it is almost too late for Europe to survive.

Even the mass of European citizens cannot be so stupid as to supinely allow this clear policy of destruction and the political life of one of its major architects to continue. Something just has to give.

I may well be wrong about this. Fine. So be it. But . . . the next event to be considered is "When will Muslims make their move and demand Europeans accept formal dhimmi status?" I may be wildly optimistic and unrealistic about Merkel's departure. It may not happen until some election or other yet to come.

This latter event is coming, however. Make no mistake about that. The only question, if massive change does not take place immediately, is when?


JWMJR said...

Bernie Sanders and the Big Swedish Lie.

Like so many other leftists, Bernie Sanders has embarked on the claim that America should become more European like and institute even more social welfare programs. As they always do, they hold up Sweden as some sort of shining example of how the modern socialist state should work.

The problems is, like with so many other leftist arguments, this one is superficial and shallow in its accounting of the historical realities behind modern Sweden. In short the argument is rife with the lies of omission.

In that period when the American colonists were just begining their long struggle against King George III, Sweden was still under the domination of the usual types of self-entitled nobility and opressive trade guilds that had been the social model since the middle ages. Most of the population lived in the poverty of a feudal economic system. They were quite simply serfs. By the begining of the 19th century the same type of enlightened classical liberalism that had inspired the American Revolution began to take root in Sweden. The nation was transformed from an economic system of Royal licences and trade guilds into a model of laze fair economics.

The transformation was so complete that in the period between the middle of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century Sweden's population doubled and personal income grew nearly 1000%. Sweden became the 4th wealthiest nation in the world. Sweden's industry and population became one of the most moder and innovative in the world. This, coupled with sound banking policy allowed them to accumulate massive capital reserves.

There was so much properity and wealth that the Swedish left ehich had been, if not dormant, unable to make much headway against it. They then chsnged tactics snd began insisting that all tose teserves should be spent on providing the usual litany of "free stuff" for the population at large. By the year 2000 many programs were in place from health care to subsidized housing etc. and Sweden still held its place as number 4 in national wealth. But then all those capital reserves built up over a century of hard work and frugality began to run out and Sweden quickly slipped from number 4 to number 14 on the list of national wealth. Additionally since the social welfare era Sweden's economic growth has stagnated and real job creation has fsllen to near zero and corporste innovation has all but disappeared as major corporations survive primarily on government contracts and no longer have to compete.

As Sweden continues to deteriorate economically so it also deterioates socially snd evrn serms to be unable to defend themselves or their culture from sn invading horde of Muslimd who hsve no interest in assimilating into Sweden but rather seek to parasitically destroy it from the inside. Wotking against this trend Sweden has begun to cut back on its social welfare system and privatize large sectors of the economy that had become state controlled.

The idea that the US can impliment a Swedish style socialistic system on a nation of nearly 325 million without destroying labor mobility, taxing captial generation and innovation out of existance just when it is needed most is purely delusional. The Swedes are begining to rreturn to their productive capitalistc roots. We should be doing the same.

Jonathan H said...

This reminds me of Tom Kratman's book Caliphate - this wave of immigrants makes the demographic destiny of Europe due to falling European birthrates and rising Arab (and related) birthrates more certain. I recommend it for a view of what Europe will be int he future unless things change radically.

Anonymous said...

I fear you are being too optimistic, FAR too optimistic. Although it was very heartening this week to see Swedes burning down a number of facilities that were assisting the moslim invaders, unless there is a serious ramping up of push back, it's too late. And by serious, I mean Charles Martel serious.

My money is still on France to be the first large European country to have it's military(and hence it's stockpile of nuclear weapons) come under the control of French moslims. Once that occurs, you can say goodbye to western civ.

Couple that European lunacy with the pure evil intent of Obama/Jarrett to import 100s of 1,000s of Syrian "refugees" and use them to seed small towns across the country in red states. We already import a million moslims a year LEGALLY. We'll have a blood bath here too.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Perhaps Jan Sobieski serious would suffice, Zardoz.

Malatrope said...

One point: invasions don't wait for elections.

Col. B. Bunny said...

JWMJR, thanks for that illuminating summary of Sweden's transition from serfdom to an industrial powerhouse, back down, and then, maybe, back up. Economic expansion happens for a reason and the resulting pot of available money was just too tempting for the socialists to leave untouched.

It's ever a dishonest argument that productive people can be forced to give over their money for the irresponsible. It's dishonest because it's implicitly asserted that redistribution will not interfere with the process that yielded up the wealth, which it does, of course, in a thousand ways, especially as the available cash becomes not a pot of money in the bank but what's in the wallet of individuals. When money is lifted from your very own fingers it's no longer an abstract proposition but something very personal and oppressive. Collection and tax rates rise inexorably as the low-hanging fruit is harvested and pretty soon there are some serious consequences in the incentives department. Ingmar Bergman voted with his feet after a while, as I recall.

I recall reading that Sweden had made some healthy adjustments but whether they would really take it out of drowning machine of socialism I do not know. A little bit of cancer can kill you slowly.

Redistribution is also immoral, let it be said, as it accomplishes what we would deplore in a highwayman but what is praised to the skies if the theft is accomplished by way of a vote a legislators elected democratically.

All this would be interesting to watch, to see if a serious experiment in socialist economics can be modified by the application of reason and historical experience, not mired forever in ideological posturing and power-seeking. I rather doubt it, personally, and, if I were a betting man, would put my money on the square marked "too little when you really and truly get down to it in the end."

All quite academic, of course, as the Swedes are ramping up the spending side again and even borrowing money to play out their mad experiment with alien invaders, only this time it's not a game. Somehow utter insanity has taken hold in Sweden. Even more than in the rest of Europe, and that's saying something.

A Texan said...

I 2nd Jonathan H's recommendation of "Caliphate." I just read it about a month ago, and though the book is about 10 years old it is STILL just as much a prophetic tome. If Europe waits too long to shut the doors AND start kicking out the invaders, then "Caliphate" will become a reality. Oh, and "too long" isn't really too long from now - I would estimate a year or less before the point of no return is reached there.

Then it will be our turn.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. H, thanks for the book suggestion. I'm reading Terence Strong's _Cold Monday_ to get my mind off the tidal wave of insanity I read about normally. It's got a negative take on the E.U. do I can't even choose fiction that is escapist in any way.

It really is necessary to look at present trends and make a judgment about what they portend for the future. I'm no stranger to procrastination and not thinking things through but with this "immigration" stuff you really don't have to work that hard to see how your and your children's lives will change.

Of course, I've recklessly predicted a tectonic shift in German politics where all I've seen for 10 years is European voters evidencing a bovine acceptance of equally outrageous attacks on them. What's different now is that people are relieving themselves in your flower bed and trashing Germans' beloved, pristine streams, fields, and streets right where you live. The previous drip-drip was preventing this outrageous personal cost from being imposed. Additionally, if it's German (or any European) politicians faced with the odd hundred or thousand angry citizens, well, what self-respecting German politician gives a fig about that? But the local leaders are getting hell from their villages and towns and it's finally filtering up, and not from any activists but from plain-vanilla, very angry Johann Q. Citizen. NOW it's starting to be politician against politician and that we've not seen before. Politicians within the ruling party are indeed having some frank exchanges of views even as we speak. It's even been suggested that the Deputy Chancellor might withdraw the ministers from his party and therefore bring down the government.

I should have noted in my piece that I once did a college paper on the obvious communist preparations for a coup in Indonesia c. 1963. I saw all the preparations and yet failed to make a prediction. It was a cauldron but I didn't think to call it. So, now, I think it's interesting to ask if it is now a cauldron in Germany, and I think it is. The numbers that the government are failing to keep out, let alone take care of once in, cannot be finessed. These are horrific numbers and the arrogance and contempt of the "migrants" is just there for all the world to see. Betting on complacency and denial is normally the right way to go in Europe but the numbers are just too great now.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Zardoz, you are right on the money. A functioning culture would have reacted a long time ago by, at a minimum, removing oil money from the hands of the disgusting Saudis. The Suez crisis was resolved incorrectly by Ike the Moron. And the threat of Islam would never have been papered over in our school books. This fawning over foreigners and minorities, esp. Muslims is just a disgrace to our ancestors and a pathetic kowtowing to the worst side of the female temperament.

At one time Britain ruled a large part of the world but now it trembles at a riot of Jamaicans in its capital city or the arrogant demand of some worthless scumbag of a Muslim agitator for Muslim divorce courts.

White westerners need to acquaint themselves with exactly how treasonous their political and intellectual "leaders" are. Takuan Seiyo speaks of our Western yin toxicity. That about nails it.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Malatrope, you have that right. This tidal wave just has to be a game changer. Lord knows there have been hundreds that should have been in that category, but this one is up close and personal for a lot of ordinary people. Unfortunately, the powerful are still somewhat insulated but a lot of people aren't.

Ronbo said...

Colonel Bunny: I'm on record as predicting five years ago that a series of revolutions would sweep across the Western World...

I thought at the time, the revolutions would begin in America, but I saw revolutionary potential in Britain and on Mainland Europe...and this sudden invasion of Germany by third world scumbags may be the classic case of the cook turning up the fire that causes the frog to jump out of the pot.

Yes, the Western revolutions against International Socialism could very easily happen in Germany this year, or early next year...

...and as we know from history, if Germany goes up in revolutionary flames, the fire will spread quickly east and west.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, Tex. I need something else depressing to read. :-)

I can't stand the TV any more and definitely spend most every waking minute watching the meltdown.

The point has already been reached where it's clear that no compromise with Muslims is possible. They won't contribute nothing, suck up welfare, and won't integrate. They won't leave on their own. Politicians are spineless chameleons. I float the idea here and there that the one thing that's never discussed is the army coming out of the barracks. Commitment to civilian leadership has its limits and civilians have simply betrayed their people. The army is supposed not to notice this?

Normalcy (and decency) bias must be fiercely powerful in human life. Modern life has imposed a frenetic aspect to life that didn't exist in the eons before. There is no alternative to us all realizing that the times are no longer normal and our leaders are indecent.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Ronald, yes, that's exactly it. Someone turned up the heat too fast. Even Merkel didn't plan the tidal wave. It is precipitating open rebellion. A Bavarian official said they'd only take so many in his town or area and that they'd bus the extra directly to Merkel.

The economic bubble is taking longer to burst but it is coming and the great socialist con job that western capitalism can be chained and abused forever and never will the flow of goodies to the FSA falter one bit. The spending just can't be sustained. Cue Herb Stein and his inspired "If something cannot go on forever, it will stop."

Lord knows where the revolutionary spark will occur to ignite the fire. Those things have a habit of occurring in places one doesn't expect. Still, as the commies liked to say, a revolutionary consciousness appears to be being born in the former GDR and in Bavaria. Not to mention Slovakia where I've seen video of some very rough, large and pissed off men that the AntiFa scum didn't dare attack.

It's hard to be too optimistic as I was livid about all this ten years ago and any person with a modest IQ who spent two hours reading Jihad Watch or Religion of Peace should have had no difficulty reach the conclusions that I had then. But that fury has been tragically a long, long time coming to a boil.

Reg T said...

Something I have heard nothing but silence about is how Switzerland is dealing with this invasion. I remember reading several years back that they were refusing to allow mosques to put up minarets. I don't know if they held the line on that, and what they have done to keep the number of muslims in their country acceptable. If they could close their borders to the Nazis in WWII, couldn't they close their borders to an even graver threat, muslim occupation? I sure hope so.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg T, I think they held a referendum on the minarets, if memory serves me. Successful.

The odd part of this invasion is that it is something that the governments won't address with their security forces. It's something strictly for the social welfare agencies to deal with after the invasion has taken place. Planes, tanks, ships, wire are just left on the shelf, except in the east. Some force neutralizes the most potent defenses and energizes the most sappy sentiments.