Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Russia, Syria, and the West.

America, as the [Sauron] of humanity, has decided it has the sole right to decide who is a legitimate leader (murderous Ukrainian Oligarchs, Kosovar, Turkish or Saudi Despots) and the illegitimate leaders deserving the destruction of their countries in order to remove them and their nation's wealth (Milosovic, Saddam, Guadaffi, Yanukovich and now Bashier). In the removal, as always, mass death and destruction, the empowering of radical Islamic groups or Nazis and the "safe keeping" of gold reserves and of course the diving up of natural resources and industries.

Into this American created Hell on Earth, stepped in Russia. Russia, unlike the US and its slave states, is acting within the rules of the UN, as it is not an illegal entity bombing away inside a foreign country's borders without permission of the nation's leaders or a UN mandate....in other words, a world war three be damned, renegade regime....aka the West. Instead, Russia has been invited into Syria by its legitimate authorities.
"Syria: Time for the US to Get Off the Pot." By Stanislav, American Thinker, Rodina, 10/3/15.

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