Sunday, November 29, 2015

Spyware recommendation.

I highly recommend Spyhunter from Enigman Software as a cleanup tool. I've used anti-virus software for years (2 and 7) and it never touched the spyware that this program found.

$40 or, to be exact, $39.99.

Verb. sap. I was hunting for a printer driver for a used printer I bought and the manufacturer's site would inexplicably not acknowledge this printer. I finally found it there or on another site maintained by them. Big hassle.

Anyway, if you search the web for drivers for a particular printer other sites will seemingly offer what you're looking for by way of "driver update" applications. I tried one of those thinking it would do the job for my particular driver. Well, it seemed to check every driver known to man. Maybe they do identify drivers that could be updated. I don't know. However, they do want you to register to get a password that actually enables said updating but I skipped that. Wisely, I think. The software deposits spyware being the point here, so stick to the manufacturer's site for drivers if possible.

The printer is a Konica-Minolta and the KM site was terrible. However, a previous color laser printer I bought from them gave good service and tech support was excellent. A newer printer will probably not be such a hassle to find downloads for on their site and you'll have the installation disk anyway, most likely. Good printers. Web site deficient.

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