Monday, November 2, 2015

Black oppositional culture and the failure of "civil rights."

Jim Kunstler has written a piece on blacks' failure to thrive. It is just excellent:
That was the moment [when black separatism flowered in the 1960s] when much of the black population slid into what has become essentially an oppositional culture, determined to remain separate. Language is part of that picture.

The diversity cult of the day is a smokescreen to disguise this fundamental fact of American life: much of black America has simply opted out. They don’t want to assimilate into a common culture — so common culture has been deemed dispensable by the confounded keepers of the common culture’s flame, the university faculty. Much of black America doesn’t want to play along with the speech, manners, rules, or laws of whatever remains of that common culture after its systematic disassembly by the professors, the deans, and their handmaidens in progressive politics — heedless of the damage to the basic social contract.[1]
Mr. Kunstler is most insightful on this aspect of majority black culture, as he is when he notes that accusations of racism are a mask for " the awful embarrassment of political progressives over the disappointing outcome of the civil rights project."

It's vitally important to mask just that. D.C. school budgets will touch the clouds and the Atlanta school district will institutionalize cheating, but never can it be observed that blacks will not and can not compete academically, or conform themselves to minimal standards of white, Western culture.

Bad results? Not enough money! "White" test materials!

Some blacks can conform.

The Maliks, Niyas, Dontrays, Cartrails, Rekias, Martoiyas, Jeanetas, Demarreas, Chantes, Kinwas, Drequans, Macyos, Elishas, Imanis, Yeshas, Joelles, Tionnas, Lemaricuses, Trenelles, and Jituses can't.

End of story. Twelve trillion dollars for nothing.

What?! Wait a damn minute there! We got diversity, didn't we. Diversity on the order of:

Albany (Ga.), Atlanta, Augusta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Bridgeport (Conn.), Buffalo, Camden, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbia (S.C.), Compton, Columbus (Ga.), Dallas, Detroit, E. St. Louis (ill.), Fairview Village (N.J.), Ferguson, Flint (Mich.)(rated America’s most dangerous metropolitan area), Gary (Ind.), Indianapolis, Jackson (Miss.), Jacksonville, Kansas City, Macon, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Montgomery (Ala.), Nashville, New Orleans, Newark, Oakland, Orlando, Paterson, Philadelphia, Rochester, Rockford, Savannah, Selma, north St. Louis (Mo.), Stockton, Trenton, Tulsa, and Wilmington.

Showcases for civilization every one. There is just no end to the blessings of diversity.

[1] "Good Little Maoists." By James Howard Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation, 11/2/15.

H/t: Stockman's Contra Corner.

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