Monday, November 23, 2015

Moderate Muslims, snipes, and buckets of steam.

Notoriously difficult to find.
Islam is clearly important factor in understanding jihadis. Those – including David Cameron and Barack Obama – who insist that jihadis are not ‘real Muslims’ miss the point. The fact that supporters of IS [ISIS] practice their religion in a way that horrifies most liberals does not make it any less Islamic.

Yet, if the insistence that jihadism is disconnected from Islam makes little sense, so does the claim that Islam alone can explain why jihadis act so unconscionably. The vast majority of Muslims abhor the actions of IS, and would find their actions morally inexplicable.[1]

The first paragraph above states a simple truth. Wishin' ain't gittin'.

However, the otherwise thoughtful Mr. Malik's subsequent assertion that the "vast majority of Muslims abhor the actions of IS [ISIS]" is unsupported by the evidence.

There was rejoicing in the Muslim streets after the 9/11 attacks and after the recent attacks in Paris. Different day, same insanity.

Muslim communities in Western lands immediately set themselves apart from the Western neighbors and the usual Muslim pathologies and crimes flourish without being reported by Muslims. The most loathsome examples of Muslim arrogance and contempt for the West are the most visible. CAIR, the most visible Muslim advocacy organization in the U.S., was an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal Holy Land prosecution. Smooth talk and familiar accents masked support for al Qaida crimes. "Moderate Muslim" modus operandi noted.

Muslim idea of citizenship.
Everywhere Muslims congregate there are acts of terror and immediate efforts to encroach on local laws and customs. This exists side by side with unabashed, vigorous advocacy for a total revolution in the legal and cultural life of the entire Western nation blessed by their presence. All those moderates support jihadi savages, as well as the immediate implementation of shariah everywhere they have been welcomed by Westerners.

Muslims all belong back in Muslims lands where they can enjoy shariah and jihadi bullshit to their hearts content. Three things Westerner can do without, though Obama still hasn't gotten the memo.

[1] "Why Do Jihadis Seem So Evil?" By Kenan Malik, Pandaemonium, 11/22/15 ((emphasis added).


Reg T said...

I know I sound like a broken record, but - Obama and CAIR's protests notwithstanding - ISIS is truly the perfect example of orthodox islam. And there are no "moderate", "radical", or "extremist" muslims. There are only muslims, and any muslim not practicing taqiyya will confirm that.

As Fran posited in his very short tale of offering two doors to those blacks who refuse to assimilate and get along with the rest of us, that would be the most generous offer that could be made to muslims in our country. Frankly, I think that would merely be kicking the can down the road, but it might be worth a try. Anything short of that would be national suicide.

It might be beneficial to give the same choice to any liberals who simply cannot live without having muslim neighbors. It certainly couldn't hurt.

Col. B. Bunny said...

In 10 years of reading about Muslims in our time and in the past, the only rational, decent Muslims I've come across have been apostates. I can recall no public action taken by any Muslim anywhere that was anything other than whining about discrimination or chivying for special treatment and Christian surrender.

I wish I'd saved the link to a story where a Muslim woman told how decent and friendly her husband was and how he got along with his non-Muslim neighbors. However, she said that if he got the word to go on the warpath he'd be out the door in a flash with his machete to murder his neighbors. Consequently, I adhere to the Ticking Time Bomb view of Muslim presence in the West or other infidel societies. Islam is 100% useless and incompatible with civilized societies.