Friday, November 20, 2015

R.I.P. multiculturalism and racial integration.

And the world is reawakening to truths long suppressed. Race and religion matter. To some they are life-and-death matters. Not all creeds, cultures and tribes are equally or easily assimilated into a Western nation. And First World nations have a right to preserve their own unique identity and character.

* * * *

The race issue, too, has returned to divide us. [E.g., Black Lives Matter, black oppositional culture.]

* * * *

The time may be at hand [i.e., it long ago arrived] for a moratorium on all immigration and a rewriting of the immigration laws to reflect the views and values of Middle Americans [i.e., the interests of white people], rather than those of a morally arrogant multicultural elite.

Obamaworld is gone. We live again in an us-versus-them country in an us-versus-them world. And we shall likely never know another.

"The end of Obamaworld." By Patrick J. Buchanan, World Net Daily, 11/19/15.

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