Saturday, November 14, 2015

Quickies: Unexpectedly, Or Inevitably?

     Last night’s terrorist attacks in Paris were perpetrated by an organized team of Muslims, most of whom shouted Allahu Akhbar! as they slew. Given Europe’s trajectory over the past forty years, this was not unexpected in any significant sense. No, the moment of the attack could not be predicted, but the attack itself was are many more such. They will redden the streets of Europe until one of two responses occurs:

  • Europe surrenders to Islam and the Caliphate-a-borning; or:
  • The Europeans strap on their spines and eliminate Islam from their continent.

     One more thing is inevitable. Watch for it in your morning news feed. Barack Hussein Obama will take to the airwaves to instruct us all that the attack “had nothing to do with Islam.” The preparatory steps are already being taken by the Main Stream Media. There’s no safer bet except perhaps for death and taxes – and while Washington can’t currently make death worse year after year, I’m sure someone in the alphabet agencies is working on it.

     Remember that you read it here first. For my part, I'm going to pray. Back later, I hope.


syd B. said...

Here's the problem with lashing out at Muslims in general and I have to think that this is part of the ISIS plan. If Islam is targeted and/or is threatened as a result of this attack, Muslims, otherwise not necessarily supportive of ISIS, will be forced to choose sides and I doubt it will be the side from which they are being threatened. The end result is that ISIS grows in both popularity and support amongst Muslims around the world. I live in Canada, where our new far left Prime Minister, whose only other real job was as a drama teacher, is committed to allowing 25,000 Syrian refugees to enter the country by Christmas. He says that background checks wills prevent any undesirables from entering, however, as there is no data base to check, anyone with an ounce of sense, knows this is grade A bullshit. Even some Muslim communities here have expressed concern over the refugee plan, saying that they fear backlash should there be any radicals in this group of Syrians who end up doing what radicals do.

It's a conundrum, to say the least.

Brinster said...

Francis, once again you nailed it. The one's statement about the attacks last night made no mention of who the attackers were. My first thought was the Vatican sent a suicide squad to Paris. Second thought was Southern Baptist crackers decided to load up and kill as many Frenchmen as possible. Who could have thought it was Islamic extremists?
As for the good Muslims, where is the universal condemnation of this monstrosity? Not heard much, if anything as far as that goes. And don't anyone tell me "let's not have a backlash against Muslims." No attacks, no backlash. It's that simple.

I'm putting my concealed carry permit to good use, while hoping I'll never have to draw my weapon.

Manu said...

Jackboots or Islam. That's the choice Europe has right now. As I said in a long winded screed the other day, us Conservative folks had been warning everyone for decades. Cut back on immigration, especially from the third world and the Islamic world. Cutting back would prevent or mitigate the need for jackboots or Islamic conversion.

But the Left didn't want to take that deal. So now, here we are. Jackboots or Islam. Shitty, or worse than shitty. Which will they choose? They don't have much more time before even jackboots will be insufficient for the task.

Tim Turner said...

This is not the turning point. From what I can hear from Germans and French, they are not ready to make a "discrimination."

It will take more than this to stem what is going on.

pdwalker said...

syd B,

There is no moderate islam. there are only those who want to enslave or kill us, and those who support those who want to enslave or kill us.

That is what islam demands. Wake up!