Monday, November 16, 2015


     FWP: I know it’s usually a mistake to generalize from a small data set, but...
     CSO: Yes?

     FWP: For months now I’ve been ridiculously healthy, and recently I’ve felt as if I have my old energy back.
     CSO: You did retire, you know.

     FWP: Well, yes, but I’ve been doing a bunch of other things, too, like taking about a million pills a day. And there was that infection I’d been carrying around for several years that Dr. Kim diagnosed.
     CSO: So?

     FWP: So when will I have enough data for a conclusion?
     CSO: Another two months.

     FWP: Why two months?
     CSO: Because we had this exact conversation two months ago.
     FWP: Oh.


Brinster said...

Funny Francis! Medical science hasn't completely figured out the complexities of the human body, yet the complexities of the earth's climate has been. The AGW crowd has it all figured out. Right.

Malatrope said...

This isn't a surprise, Fran!

a) you are getting a reasonable amount of sleep.

b) you may have been allergic to your work environment.

c) stress levels are way down.

If you didn't feel better, there would be cause for concern. All still makes sense in the universe.