Monday, November 30, 2015

Marine Le Pen blisters the fools.

I don't speak French but you can tell this is a formidable woman by the power of her delivery. A translation of her words is at GalliaWatch, an excellent site for happenings in France. Would that Western leaders had an ounce of her brilliance and the realism and firmness of Vladimir Putin.

Compare and contrast the delivery of Hillary Clinton who is, for inexplicable reasons, considered the front runner, no less, for the Democrat nomination to, SHMG, the U.S. presidency. Mme. Le Pen speaks with passion and clarity but Ms. Clinton is like the Englishman in "Zorba the Greek" about whom Zorba observes, "Clever people are like grocers. You weigh everything." She is mistress of studied misdirection and evasion; Le Pen hammers you between the eyes. (Enjoy this other interview with her where she tightens up the BBC interviewer but good.)

BTW, another instance of clarity and insight is at Gates of Vienna today – "Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive" by Matthew Bracken. It's long piece on how the fight between Islam, international socialism, and nationalism is likely to play out in Europe. Highly recommended especially as regards the opportunity for Islamic terrorists presented by the mass entry of Europe by unaccompanied young Muslim men.


Bruce Hanify said...

Col. B. Bunny! Hey. Good to see you're alive. Things are worse than ever, so we know we're right. I just posted a little piece on the political shaming that's part of our politically correct universe. Thank you!

Col. B. Bunny said...

Good to hear from you, Bruce. I'll check out your article. Thanks.